Social Lethargy

Welcome to the parade

Silence is amateur, trying my antics with savages;
Speak lymphatic vernacular in iambic pentameter
Enigmatic parameters set by strange measuring tools
The beheading of fools, the crowns embedded with jewels
And elementary school, still haven't found a difference yet
It's like the human mind can make parallel lines intersect
Hypocrites collect in a rock I call our planet
Earth is run by awful captains and white collar faggots;
I've tossed the granite, so the kings can be stoned
Just sing with the notes 'til our differences moan
The tips will be honed, and that shit'll be thrown;
So if you think life is a beach, then I've broken the party
You're slowly retarding, so listen closely and sharply
If your vocally tardy it's cause of social lethargy[/spoiler:2nynvc26]