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    Gender Reversal (Work for a Publisher)

    A little insight: There is a first part to this story, the authors name is unknown, but a publisher I am working with me asked me to write a second part, from the perspective of another character who happened to be female. This is what came of it. I find gender writing (writing in the perspective of the opposite gender) quite hard, but also very refreshing and gives me a lot of ideas. I hope you guys enjoy, more will be coming soon.

    [spoiler:1vdho3m0]“Bloody hell…” I said, as my eyes widened, whilst sand slowly started to blow off the gigantic wooden frame we had just discovered. The rest of the team were nowhere to be seen, it was just myself, a graduate student named Brian, and the leader of our excavation team, Dr. Greg Heim. Brian, being too inexperienced to completely grasp what we had just discovered, and Dr. Heim was far too intoxicated to realise what we had just found.

    “Brian, could you please go inform Dr. Bantam of our discovery? He’d want to see this for himself.” I said, quietly to Brian.

    “Don’t you fucking give orders.” Heim barked in a drunken slur. “I’m the leader of this excavation, I give the fucking orders.”

    I walked over to Brian and whispered in his ear, softly so that no intoxicated mind could hear it.

    “Don’t listen to him. He’s off his face, and won’t remember anything tomorrow. Talk to Alex, he will appreciate it.”

    Brian left, hurriedly, trying to get out of ear shot from the drunken Heim.

    “Where the fuck’s he off to?” Heim spat. I merely shrugged my shoulders and began measuring up the wooden masterpiece. Whilst measuring, I tried to estimate the probable date of the wood. It looked old, slightly starting to rot. The first thing that popped into my mind was B.C. era. My heart fluttered violently with excitement.

    “JEN!” I heard the call from my “team leader”. “Get me a date on that wood, NOW!” No pleases. No thank you’s. No manners.

    “Asshole” I muttered under my breath as I continued dusting for more information on the wood.

    “Jen, hurry up and tell me what it is. A fort? A village? Hurry up or you are fired!” He screamed at me, as Brian returned with Dr. Alex Bantam.

    I wiped my face with a cloth, removing the collecting sand on my perspiring brow and nose.

    “I can’t say what it is exactly. It’s made out of gopher wood, and no other material. It’s massive though, five hundred feet by ninety five feet, and nearly fifty feet high. It looks old, extremely old. I’d say it’d be around 500 B.C. at the very least.”

    Dr. Heim was getting frustrated with me.

    “Hurry up and figure out what it is.” He said, rudely. As quickly as he came, Bartam left, with his notes on the size and the estimation of the time period.

    “Jen, are you finished yet? Jesus woman you take longer than any person I’ve met. Hurry up, I want to head off to the tent.”

    I’d had enough of this. His repulsive attitude was bad enough when he was sober, but when he was drunk, he was twenty times worse.

    “Why don’t you haul your drunken ass back to the tent then and leave me to do what I do best.” I snapped slightly, trying to hold back the temperament in my tone. His face contorted and changed from slight annoyance, to pure fury. He rushed towards me, in a drunken stumble, bringing his face close up to mine. The stench of dry, moldy whisky emanated from his mouth, as he screamed in my face; “You will watch your tone woman! I am your boss on this expedition, you will treat me with the respect I deserve. Or you will pay.” He raised his arm, the back of his hand facing me, ready to strike me across the face.

    “You’re heartless. What kind of man strikes a woman half his size?” I asked rhetorically, he knew the answer, but I gave it to him, in case his intoxicated mind couldn’t comprehend the notion of rhetoric. “A weak man” And with that, the hand came crashing down, catch me dead on the cheek with blunt force. The backhand sent me stumbling back, and due to the instability of the sand, I lost my balance and laid sprawling on my back. I spat down in my general direction,

    “I hope you’ve learnt your place now…” He started. “Woman.” He fled in a furious drunken rage back to the tent. I lay in the sand for a while longer, silent tears staining my face, taking with them the sand and sweat of my labour.[/spoiler:1vdho3m0]

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    Re: Gender Reversal (Work for a Publisher)

    I feel like saying this, as I never said it before; Blot, you are a great writer, I really enjoy your work man. I hope you will have a good success with your hobby, and make it your job!

    Good luck man, and best wishes.

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    Re: Gender Reversal (Work for a Publisher)

    nice work man!
    entertaining piece of work man!
    what lukas said really, hope you progress with this, looking forward to what you come up with

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    Re: Gender Reversal (Work for a Publisher)

    Thanks guys, means a lot! I intend on making it my livelihood.


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