Stars falling sweetly towards the rain draped roads,
I lie in the middle, watching the world turn again
Cars pass vacantly amongst the cadavers
of ghosts that we knew and the sky seems askew

Again I awake, watching my life pass
a cigarette loses its essence as my lungs exhale the poison
losing patience again and again, the fume dies in the rain
I'm losing my mind and I don't quite care
Every visitor gives that same old passing stare.

There's a ghost in these walls, although they're not seen
all that they may be is a remnant amongst the dead
seeing the sky burn, the clouds fall to the dirt
all that we knew is incinerated amongst the grass's dew
vacancy is given, and hearts are taken

oh, how are we forsaken?
the god we relied on is yet again away from his throne
an answering machine voiced by demons takes his place
an enthralling charade that someone will watch us fall
our presence is a vicious thrall, something forgettable again
and all that we know will rain down,
rain down,