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    Poem - One Cold Evening

    Poetry isn't my strongest point, but I decided to have a go anyway, thanks for reading.

    One cold evening in December
    Where the trees began to shake,
    Tom looked out from his balcony
    Looked out to the cold frozen lake.

    There he met a girl
    his lover-to-be,
    she softly held his hand
    Said "Will you marry me?"

    It was warm, that Autumn
    when the leaves began to fall
    As they said their vows
    The crows began to call

    Time watched from afar
    as a cat would watch a mouse
    the couple lived in bliss,
    but Time was ready to pounce.

    They were buried together,
    On that cold frosty morning
    And the crowd somberly watched,
    as they fell silent in mourning.

    The world is not beautiful, therefore it is.

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    Re: Poem - One Cold Evening

    Hey man. Nice poem.
    I like the meaning behind this, though I'm not a fan of poetry that rhymes. (It really isn't true poetry)
    I think you captured the scenes in the first few verses nicely, but the last two were lacking a bit.


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