This is story I've been writing in 2nd person, I wanted to try something unique and different. I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading, it's not finished yet, but I will be updating this thread.

Chapter 1: The Girl In The Library
[spoiler:20tvu8ur]There's a girl in the corner of the library curled up with a strange book, it's difficult to make out what she's reading from this distance, but every so often she looks around, making sure she isn't being watched. The girl is unaware of the fact that you are looking at her.

You slowly walk up to the front desk, forcing yourself to avert your eyes. The librarian looks up following your arrival, ruffling a stack of papers, as if she were pretending to work. You clear your throat, and speak.

"That girl over there" You say, pointing to the corner of the room "Who is she?"

"The cat?" The librarian asks bluntly "Her name's Honey, she sits there every day, reading the same book over and over. She doesn't get much compa..."

Her words tumble into oblivion as you ponder to yourself what kind of name 'Honey' is. You snap back to reality, thanking the librarian for her help.

'Oh, a blue motif' you think to yourself as you approach the girl, an apt observation, she has long, poofy ears which flop over her head and a tail that swishes from side to side contently. She notices your presence, and those once droopy ears stand up, alert.

Trying to ignore you, she burrows herself into the book, attempting to hide her face. This plan fails however, as the book is unable to hide her large ears, which humorously stick out. You ask her what book she is reading. She trips over her words, although you are able to make out something about a romantic novel.

You comment on the nature of the book.

", n-not t-t-that kind of book..."

You try to reassure her, however your attempts are in vain as the situation becomes worse, trying to lighten the mood you comment on her name.

"...Y-yes, that's my name..." she says, blushing furiously.

You then attempt to say something witty about her name

"That's fitting, because you're so sweet"

Her cheeks now increase in redness tenfold, but she does not reply.

You ask her if she likes coffee.

"S-sure... I like coffee"

It seems as though she's becoming a bit more relaxed now. You ask her if she would like to go out with you for some coffee.

"M-me..? b..b..but I-I-I" She tenses up again, tripping over her words even more than usual.

You smile reassuredly

"Don't worry about the money, it's my treat"

She softly puts her book down, stands up, and lightly grasps onto your arm.

"...I-If you insist..."[/spoiler:20tvu8ur]

Chapter 2: The Girl In The Café
[spoiler:20tvu8ur]You enter the small, dimly lit cafe, despite its size there is plenty of room, you seem to be the only ones there, apart from the odd customer or two.

You ask the girl to take a seat, she nods obediently without uttering a word, and finds a seat in the corner of the room, you soon follow, and sit down in front of her. She fidgets nervously, waiting for you to say something.

You ask her what kind of coffee she would like.

"...I-I'll just have t-t-the..." she pauses, momentarily looking at the menu

"..the latte...p-please"

She trips over her words as usual, but you find this amusing, even cute. Smiling, you walk over to the counter, where a middle aged woman is idly cleaning a few coffee cups.

"Two cups of latte please" you say, plainly. The woman nods, produces two cups of coffee from a nearby machine, and places them on the counter.

"That'll be five pounds" She says with a light accent.

You hand the woman a handful of coins, nod, and bring the coffee back to the table where Honey is waiting patiently. She lifts her head up, her deep blue eyes staring into yours. You place the cup in front of her.

"T-Thanks" She says, earnestly.

You tell her how it was no problem, and intently watch her pick up the cup of coffee, she brings it to her lips tentatively, noticing how hot it is she softly blows into the cup before taking a sip. Her tail swishes happily and even though she tries to hide it, you notice her delight.

You ask her how it is

"...I-It's delicious..."

You're not sure if your eyes are playing tricks on you, but you swear you could make out a faint smile, you realise your cup is going cold, and so you drink from it.

Time passes swiftly, and night soon approaches, noticing this you stand up and point this out to the girl.

"...I-I guess it is pretty late"

You ask her if she wants you to walk her home

She blushes at your question

"B-B-But.. I-I..."

You reassure her that you just want to make sure she's safe.

"...O-Ok I guess....[/spoiler:20tvu8ur]

Chapter 3: The Girl In The Street
[spoiler:20tvu8ur]You walk through the streets, it's noticeably cold, however Honey seems unfazed, you wonder if perhaps she is accustomed to cold weather. Despite this, you feel it only necessary to offer her your coat, if only as a gesture of good will.

She shakes her head

"T-thanks... b-b-but I'm fine"

You thought as much, but now that you've asked, you feel better.

Small shrouds of icy mist envelope you, Honey however does not falter, her senses remain keen and unaffected, you on the other-hand are not so deft in your movements.

She notices you stumbling, and you hear her whisper something to herself.

"I-I guess there's no choice then..."

Shocked, you notice the warmth of her hand clasping yours, she looks up, before quickly averting her gaze.

"I-It's n-n-not like that, I-I just want to help you"

You smile, but don't reply, you don't need to, nothing needs to be said. You merely concentrate on her warm touch, the rest of the world melts into oblivion as you feel at peace.

You are soon snapped out of your reverie as you both grind to a halt. A moderately sized cottage stands before your eyes, the mist makes it hard to make out any specific detail, but you're able to notice that the outside is decorated modestly, as you think to yourself, you hear the click of a door swinging open.

"W-well... thanks" She says, standing in the doorway.

You nod your head, and tell her it was no problem, however just as you turn away, she stops you.

"I-It's dark, and you don't know where you are, h-how will you get back?"
She asks this with wide, sincere eyes, and you reply honestly. You do in fact have no idea where you are.

"C-come inside" She says, blushing softly "J-just until the morning so I can take you back"

You pardon your intrusion, and walk into the cottage.[/spoiler:20tvu8ur]

Chapter 4: The Girl In The Cottage
[spoiler:20tvu8ur]You enter through the door into a dimly lit passageway; Honey scuttles hurriedly to the light switch and flicks it, illuminating the cottage, she points to a coat hanger, and you place your jacket on it. The first thing you notice is the musky smell of books, you realise why as you enter into the main room, bookshelf upon bookshelf lay arranged against the wall, there must be hundreds of books here, you think to yourself.

You take a seat on a nearby sofa, it's soft and is covered in an assortment of fluffy pillows ranging from all different colours and sizes. As you wait patiently, you hear the sound of a kettle boiling in the distance, a few minutes later Honey enters the room, holding two small cups.

She hands you a cup.

You thank her, and softly blow on it, it's too hot to drink yet, so you put it on the side for the time being, as you do this, you're startled by the fact Honey takes a seat right next to you, you look at her for a second, before returning to your drink, her light bushy tail happens to accidentally brush your side and for some reason you blush. You look back at her again, but notice something amiss about her drink, it's not coffee, instead it smells suspiciously like alcohol.

"Are you drinking alcohol?" You ask, a shocked expression on your face.

She slowly nods, blushing.

"I-I Always d-drink this" She says this with a hiccup, blushing even harder. You can't tell if it's because she's drunk, or whether she's just blushing like usual, you smile, finding it somewhat amusing. Without warning, she rests her head on your shoulder, and looks up into your eyes.

"W-why are you so far away?" She hints, smiling sweetly.

At this point you're blushing even more than her, you feel her warm breath against your neck, her soft hands grasp your waist, bringing you in closer, before her lips edges towards yours.[/spoiler:20tvu8ur]

Chapter 5 (Final): The Girl In The Bedroom
[spoiler:20tvu8ur]You feel her hot, wet tongue invade your mouth, at first, you are stunned, however you soon come to your senses. Her lips presses firmly against yours, and you use your free hand to hold her waist. You hear faint moans under Honey's breath as your tongues move in rhythm, your heart rate increases and you begin to blush furiously.

Honey breaks off the kiss momentarily, a trail of saliva falls from her mouth, glistening in the light, however she soon resumes, moaning louder this time. You don't know what's happening, but your body moves of its own free will, time slips past slowly, as if everything else around you had stopped, just when you thought you couldn't be even more surprised, she places her hand on your thigh.

Several hours pass and you slowly wake up, small rays of sunlight peer through the window, casting light onto your surrounding area. You realise you're in a rather large bed, to your right you notice Honey, naked, clutching you in her arms. Her long, purple hair falls over her body, concealing her breasts. She suddenly begins to shift, and looks up at you, smiling.

You look back at her, feeling guilty.

"I didn't want to take advantage of you, you were drunk..." you say, your words slurring as you speak.

She rests her head on your chest

"I-I... wasn't drunk" she says, while softly purring.

Time passes and you lie in bed for several minutes, soon you decide to get up, you swiftly get dressed, and wait for Honey to do the same. She gets a small piece of paper from a draw, writes a number down, and hands it to you.

"I-I e-enjoyed being with you..." she says, blushing at what happened last night.

"So did I" you reply, you swoop down and kiss her on the cheek, before saying your farewells, hoping you meet her again soon. As you walk through the path, you think of the strange, withdrawn girl called Honey, and smile to yourself.[/spoiler:20tvu8ur]