I ran my fingers through the metal bars which kept me confined, their cold steel pushed into the reality of my mind - that it would be years, decades before I could escape from this hell.

Thoughts raced through my head. But I didn't..., how could I..., What have I done?! I didn't mean to... I didn't want to...

The sheet beneath my body was the only soft thing in the room, I pulled a crudely handmade knife from my pocket, and began to tear it into strips, my brain had reached some kind of conclusion, I had no control over my body anymore. I could only watch as I began to hurriedly tie the strips into some sort of rope.

Outside the cell I could hear the guards muttering, they wouldn't notice, not that they would care anyway. I wound the rope into a loop, and hooked it to the iron rafters above me.

I died when the jury gave their verdict, my life evaporated at that moment. There is no need to stay in this world.

I placed a stool underneath the clumsily made noose, and tied it around my neck.

One more step, and it won't hurt anymore...
I walked forward. One more ste--