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    The Unfortunate Tale of a Leper

    Tom Smith, an ordinary name, fitting then for an ordinary man. That is what his life had constantly been, ordinary, he always wished for something interesting to happen, in his later years he soon realised that it had been a fatal mistake.
    Tom looked into the mirror, peering at his own reflection, his eyes rolled over his rugged cheekbones, his coarse skin, and worst of all, his dark, ashen eyes. With precise concentration, he picked up a sharpened knife, and brought it up to his neck. He whittled away at his beard, taking utmost care not to cut himself; he recalled his doctors instructions:

    ‘You have to take care of yourself now that you can’t feel anything. You could get yourself into a real mess. I want you to take steps in order to overcome this. Try shaving with a blunt razor, you need to learn how to become more aware of the environment around you.’

    Tom indeed followed the doctors instructions, however took it upon himself to use a sharp knife, he’d never get anywhere if there was no real risk involved. When he was finished, he inspected himself thoroughly, there were a few scratches, but he was happy with the result. Slinging on an overcoat he made headway towards the door, before he was abruptly stopped.

    It had been months since he last went outside, he wasn’t even sure if he could face the town again. Leper, filthy, unclean. Thoughts raced through his head. No, he shouted, he wasn’t going to let others get the better of him; he was going to post this letter himself, screw everyone else.
    He stepped outside, his icy breath forming small clouds of smoke. He was glad for his warm coat, of course, he couldn’t feel the cold, and it didn’t make much difference to him either way. However, the last thing he wanted was to catch a fever.

    He walked briskly through the streets; a few people were still hanging around, but Tom avoided their eyes, refusing to acknowledge their existence. Some snarled at him, others spat in disgust. Screw them, screw them all he thought angrily.
    Wanting to get everything over with as soon as possible, he hurriedly crossed the road, neglecting to look both ways.

    Suddenly, a bright flash, accompanied by the vicious groan of a horn, it presumably belonged to a truck. Tom was sent flying forward, it was times like this when he was grateful for the fact he was a leper, unable to feel even the slightest pain, this did not console him much, however. He hit the ground with a thump and saw the vehicle drive away into the night.

    Tom did not know the extent of his injuries; he needed to thoroughly check his body. Struggling to get up, it came to his surprise that his body would not respond, looking down he noticed a large pool of crimson red blood.
    There was no alternative; he would have to cry for help from the very ones who ostracised him.

    ‘H-help! Is anyone there?’ his words spluttered as a large amount of blood poured from his mouth.
    Several residents circled around him, muttering to one each other, Tom could barely make out several pieces of conversation.

    ‘What should we do, call an ambulance?’

    ‘Fool! Don’t you know who that is? It’s that damned leper.’

    ‘But we can’t just leave him there!’

    ‘Do you want to get us all infected? If he goes to the ambulance he’ll kill every goddamn person there.’

    ‘I agree.’ said one man, butting into the conversation ‘It’s not worth the risk for a filthy leper’

    The rest of the conversation drowned into background noise as the entire crowd began discussing what to do; eventually they came to a conclusion, and Tom could see what it was. They slowly walked away from him, leaving the man to die, they did this without a morsel of regret, determined that they had done the right thing.

    Tom’s vision became hazy as the world grew darker around him. Screw all of them, they can go to hell. Screw the-…

    The world is not beautiful, therefore it is.

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    Re: The Unfortunate Tale of a Leper

    Haha that was a really cool read, very cool idea, bit gory but thats the point.
    At first it seems like it's going to be one of those cliche 'tom was an ordinary man, but ONE DAY' type things, but it turned out to be completely different.

    The only thing I dislike about it is the fact it didn't have much depth into the character besides that he wanted something different. Maybe you could of went into greater detail and elaborate on how boring and bad his life was, but whatever.

    I admire your style of writing, quick and straight to the point without overuse of unneeded words.


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