Just before you read, if you disagree with this, please feel free. This is my opinion, and it was exactly what I felt and thought when the situation occurred. If you feel as though this is racist in any way, or derogatory to you, feel free to PM me and we can discuss it. Thank you.

It was mid-afternoon; I was on my way to work with my friend Duncan in the car. We were listening to AM radio, on which they were discussing the asylum seeker crisis occurring in our country, the spark of which was an asylum seeker who had raped a university student.
“How can they allow these sorts of people to pass through our detention centres?” I asked. I got no answer, instead my friend sat there blankly, quietly mulling over his rage towards the subject. In my eyes, there should be a law created for these asylum seekers, who seem to receive more benefits than true, hard working, Australian families. A question I have, which I will discuss more later, is: “Why does our government deem it necessary to make sure these ILLEGAL immigrants are looked after, before our own people, who are suffering because of these asylum seekers?”

Let’s get right into what I wish to say about this topic, starting with some laws which I and many other Australian’s would love to see imposed to perhaps limit the amount of the criminal scum that has been allowed to enter our society. Rapists, murderers, thieves and general threats to society have gone through our detention centres, unchecked, unexamined, and without being regarded as possible security threats. And why? Because our government is too careful to tread on the toes of racist activity, to the point where our security is at risk. They care too much for what the rest of the world will think if we actually refuse entry to some of these maniacal illegal refugees. Why do our pensioners, who have worked hard to keep this country what it is, some even fighting for the freedom of these lands, receive less benefits and less money compared to these people who have been in this country for less than six months? Why do native Australians, Indigenous Australians, and those who have come across the borders of our land legally receive less than those who come here against the law? Why does our government continue to reward those who break the law, instead of sending them back to their god forsaken lands? Why do we allow people who can not speak our language, to join the work force? Why. Why. Why. It makes me sick to think someone who arrived here, fresh off the boat, can either steal the jobs of an Australian citizen, or receive benefits funded by the hard working tax paying citizens of this country, with no questions. It makes me sick, a country which can not accommodate its own people, should not accommodate others. It is time for the general consensus to be put out there. If you refuse to adopt the way of life here in Australia, that is by speaking our language, abiding by our laws, and actually getting off your asses and getting a job, then please, get the hell out of my country.

For the record, anyone can call me a racist as much as they want, it’s not going to change the fact that come the choice between us or them, I’d gladly save your ass over any of theirs any day. When it comes down to it (and it will, as it will happen in Belgium before long) I guarantee everyone will be blaming the government for allowing them into the country, without the proper checks, without the proper analysis of their psychotic brains. Allowing them in illegally, is destroying Australia. First Belgium, then France, Germany and Britain. Australia will sadly fall into the same preventable situations as these countries will in all but a few years, and I for one will be fighting, whether physically, or with words, to make sure that my country, stays my country.