This past semester I took an Introduction to Cultural Studies class where we focused on cultural influences through classic fairy tales. Our final project in class was to write our own adaptation or version of a classic fairy tale.

For mine I chose to write a tale loosely based on The Three Little Pigs. It's somewhat lengthy. The paper itself totaled 20 pages for the story and an additional 2 pages for an analysis on the tale.

You may critique it if you like, but I don't plan on revising it or anything. I don't do creative writing at all and this is the first story I've written in many many years.

Chapter 1:
“Okay, okay, settle down class. Everyone have a seat,” said the woman at the front of the classroom. Normally the woman’s responsibility was to teach the classroom of rambunctious young children, but this day was different. “Today we will be having a guest come in to share a story with you and I want everybody on their best behavior.”

No sooner than she had finished her sentence, the door to the classroom opened and two orderlies in white uniforms entered. Trailing slightly behind them was a slim, older man with thin, disheveled hair. He walked hunched over from age and his eyes had a slightly crazed look in them. The two orderlies led the man to the front of the classroom where the teacher had been standing before she retreated to her desk. One of the men pulled a chair from nearby and turned it so it was facing the class and the old man sat down heavily on it, as if he had walked for miles before reaching the spot.

Slowly, the old man cast his gaze from one end of the class to the other, taking in every face and every detail before speaking. “I understand that I’ve been brought here to share a sort of... fairy tale with you,” he began in a slow, tired voice, “though I am not entirely convinced that any of you are at the age to be hearing the things of which are contained in a tale such as mine, since I have come this far I do not think I have much of a choice but to share with you my story.” The old man shifted in his chair. “Now, before we begin, are there any questions?” The classroom, usually bustling and alive with energetic activity, responded to the old man’s question with silence. Once more the old man gazed slowly from one end of the class to the other before continuing. “Very well then, let us begin where all good fairy tales do…”[/spoiler:34vyvvcn]
Chapter 2:
Once upon a time, not too long ago, there lived three brothers. Edwin was the oldest, Peter, the middle child, and Walter was the youngest of the three. The brothers were born into a wealthy family and had parents who were entrepreneurs. They lived a lavish lifestyle, receiving only the best education, the most succulent of meals and anything else they wanted. When the brothers were young, they played together and picked on each other as all siblings do, and for the longest time they were the best of friends. They would play together, eat together, and even shared a bedroom with one another. When their family would go out, people would comment on how well behaved the three were, as it was unusual to have three siblings get along so splendidly, even for a family as wealthy as theirs.

But, just like it affects everything else, time eventually pushed the three brothers farther and farther apart, and the future was not kind to either Peter or Walter. When they were younger, they would attend religious gatherings with their family, but as time wore on, both Peter and Walter slowly moved away from the religion that they had grown up with. They tried to hide this as long as possible, but their father eventually found out. Once he had discovered that his sons now lacked the faith that he had tried so hard to instill in them, his reaction was that of utmost anger, and in a hasty moment of bad judgment, he disowned both Peter and Walter.

With both Peter and Walter disowned, their father left he and his wife’s fortune to Edwin. For the remainder of his days, the father was hated with a fiery passion by his two disowned sons. So great was their hatred that it consumed nearly every waking moment of their lives as there is little that is more damaging to young men than total abandonment by their paternal figure.[/spoiler:34vyvvcn]
Chapter 3:
Of the two brothers, now in their mid-twenties, Walter was, in the beginning, the worst off. After wandering on his own for several days, he procured a dry space underneath an overpass and managed to construct a small hut out of wood, cardboard and sheets of plastic that people had dumped there over time. It was not the best shelter from the wind and it leaked badly when the weather was kind enough to bring rain, but it was at least a place he could call home.

Peter, on the other hand, had found a very cheap apartment located in the poor district of his town to rent. He picked up a job bartending just a couple blocks away from his apartment and paid his rent that way. Working helped Peter keep his mind off the situation he was in and acted as a sort escape for him. Gradually, over the course of several months, his anger began to subside as he became more accustomed to his living conditions. For Peter, everything seemed to finally be going well, and he had plans on moving into a better neighborhood and into a house.

One day, while reading the local paper, Peter discovered that his father had passed away. Upon reading this information, he felt incredibly hurt. Not because his father had passed away, but because nobody had even bothered to inform him. This aroused a feeling of worthlessness within him, something he had not felt since the day that his father had so hatefully disowned him, and in turn a flame of hatred flared briefly within him before he composed himself once more. He tossed the paper in the trash and busied himself around his apartment because, for Peter, there was no better therapy than distracting the mind with diligent work.

After working around the apartment for some time, there was a sudden knocking at his apartment door. This caught Peter by surprise as nobody ever came to visit him aside from the landlord, and even he only came when the rent for Peter’s apartment was due.

Putting down his cleaning supplies, Peter moved to the front of the apartment and opened the door and, to his surprise, was greeted by his brother Walter, who appeared to be in bad condition. “What’s happened to you, Walter?” Peter asked with a concerned tone in his voice. Walter, picking up on Peter’s tone, replied hastily, “It’s nothing bad, I promise,” before having a coughing fit worthy of a chain smoker. “Really, Pete, it’s nothing that a little rest won’t cure, which is also why I’m here. My shack hardly provides any shelter for me and I need somewhere to stay, just for a little while.”

Peter was overwhelmed by sympathy for his younger brother. His younger brother, who had endured the same hardship of disownment as Peter himself, yet was living in much worse conditions. Peter felt ashamed that he had not offered help to his brother sooner. “Of course, Walter, come in,” said Peter, leading his brother to a couch, “stay as long as you’d like, you’re always welcome here.” Walter glanced up gratefully, “thank you. I promise I won’t overstay my welcome, and if need be,” he was not able to finish his sentence before succumbing to a horrendous coughing fit.

“Walter, you’re sicker that you’re admitting. I seriously think you should see a doctor about this.” Once he had finished coughing, Walter just shook his head, “No, I can’t do that. I don’t have the money to see a doctor, and I will not be letting to try to pay for my visit. Please, Pete, just let me rest here for a day or two and we’ll see how I feel then, okay?” Peter was not about to deny request, even though he thought it best that Walter should see a doctor. “All right, maybe rushing you to the doctor is a little hasty. Why don’t we get moved in, then?” Peter grabbed Walter’s few possessions and started moving toward his second and unused bedroom. “Thank you so much, Pete. This means so much to me, especially since you’re the only person I have left to come to,” Walter said. “Don’t worry about it, Walter. Don’t worry about it one bit.”[/spoiler:34vyvvcn]
Chapter 4:
Several days went by since Walter’s arrival, and as the days turned into weeks, Walter had not gotten any better. Peter had grown more and more worried as each day went by and had finally decided that he would drag Walter to the doctor if need be. Not only was his cough bad, but he was constantly running a high temperature and it seemed as though he had started to experience light hallucinations, as if there were some shadowy figure talking to him from the corner of him mind.

“Walter,” Peter began as he entered the bedroom before being cut off. “I know what you’re going to say,” interrupted Walter, before coughing into his sleeve, “but I have no money and you can’t afford to take me in to a professional, so just forget about it.” “Actually, I’d thought of something else,” responded Peter, beginning to pace, “now that father has passed away and his inheritance has gone to Edwin, maybe he’ll be willing to help us out of this predicament.” “Screw that”, Walter snorted, “Edwin has always been a self-righteous jerk, even when we were young. It was no wonder he didn’t resist or even put up the smallest fuss when father disowned us.”

Walter’s words were true, and Peter knew it, but he managed to suppress the anger toward his older brother that was rising in him. “I know, but it has to be worth a shot,” Peter said as he put his coat on, “and if he won’t help us, then I’ll take more hours at work to help pay for the visit.” And with that, Peter zipped his coat up, bid his brother goodbye and left through the front door.

“Whatever. We both know it’s going to take more than kind words to get a penny from Edwin. We’ll need to use brute force.” Walter said to nobody in particular, just as the shadowy figure, which was thought to only be in his mind, stepped out from the darkest corner of the room.[/spoiler:34vyvvcn]
Chapter 5
Edwin’s house was located atop a luscious and grassy hill and was large enough to house Edwin, his wife Ellie, their troupe of servants and maids and still have space for ten families of five. Made of gorgeous red brick, it was, by far, the most impressive and expensive house in the city. Edwin typically had the company of important social figures for supper, and this night he happened to be preparing to dine with the mayor of the city.

“Ellie, dear, would you mind checking to make sure all the dinner arrangements have been completed? We can’t have the mayor waiting to be fed once he arrives.” No sooner had he made this request than there was knocking at the front door. “Everyone, the mayor is here, finish all the preparations for the supper immediately,” called Edwin as he walked quickly toward the front door to let his guest in.

Upon opening the door, he was greeted not by the mayor, but by one of his younger brothers, Peter. “Why, Peter, what a... pleasant surprise,” he managed to begin with only the slightest hint of contempt, “I would invite you in, but you see, I’m expecting the mayor of the city for dinner tonight.”

“Don’t worry, Edwin, I’m not here to burden you with my presence all evening, I just have one favor to ask of you,” said Peter, on the verge of begging. Edwin narrowed his eyes at Peter, “And exactly what might that favor be?” “Well, you see, our brother Walter showed up at my apartment several weeks ago, sick as a dog, and wanted a place to stay for just a couple days. It’s been weeks now and his health has become worse. Neither he nor I can afford to take him to a doctor, and that’s why I’m here right now. You’re our last hope, Ed, please help me get Walter in to see a doctor, please, do it for Walter, your brother.” Peter was nearly in tears now, so great was his concern for his younger brother.

Edwin listened intently and after Peter had finished explaining the situation; Edwin appeared to think about it intensely for several moments before answering. “Now, Peter, I would love more than anything to help you and Walter out of your predicament, but there is one problem here. The money that I received from father after his death, well, I don’t exactly look at it as belonging to me. You see, father believed he was blessed during his life, blessed by an entity greater than ourselves and that that is how he came upon this money, and in his last moments on earth, his last moments, which may I remind you, neither you nor Walter were present for,” Edwin now had a scathing tone in his voice, which was slowing becoming louder and louder, “he instructed me specifically that none of the money he left here was to touch you or Walter’s hands”.

“But Edwin, you can’t seriously,” but Edwin wasted no time in cutting him off. “No, Peter, I am serious. This money is not completely mine; I am merely a guardian for it.” Peter could hardly believe what he was hearing. “But Walter is your brother, he’s our brother, you can’t just sit by and watch as he dies from whatever sickness he has!” But, looking into Edwin’s eyes, Peter knew that it was a lost cause. “Once again, Peter, you are wrong,” replied Edwin, “Walter, as well as yourself, haven’t been my brothers for many years now. Your status as brothers was revoked at the same time your status of son was, and that removes any responsibility toward you two that may have once rested on my shoulders.” Edwin’s gaze moved past Peter and to a dark, expensive car that pulled up in front of his house, “And if you don’t mind, my company is here. I wish you and Walter the best of luck, Peter. Good day.”[/spoiler:34vyvvcn]
Chapter 6:
Walter sat up quickly in his bed. “Who are you? How did you get in here?” he asked the figure who had seemed to materialize from thin air. “Calm down Walter. With the condition you’re in, there’s no point getting so worked up. Let’s not add high blood pressure to the ever increasing list of ailments you have.” The figure talked in a very smooth and articulate voice, like that of a businessman. He was rather tall and thin, and when he stepped into the light, Walter saw that the figure was not human. It was more animal and resembled that of a wolf, yet it walked upright like a human.

“What- What are you?” Walter stammered as he pushed himself away from the figure. The Wolf pulled a chair up next to the bed and sat down. “Let’s get to business, Walter. I am not completely human, nor am I completely beast. I have the attitude and character of men, yet the physical form of a wolf. There is no name for what I am, and in turn, I turn have no name to identify myself with. When it comes down to it, I am nothing more than a businessman and I know you have business that you need dealt with.”

“What do you mean business?” Walter asked The Wolf. “Please, Walter, this will be a lot easier, in fact, it will expedite the process should you quit playing stupid with me,” growled The Wolf. “You know your condition is getting worse, and the only hope of getting you cured is to see a doctor, and we all know that you don’t have the funds to do that.”

“I know that,” said Walter, “but Peter is probably talking to our older brother Edwin right now about money and there is still the slight possibility that he’ll loan us the money.”

“Wrong, boy-o,” The Wolf leaned in closer to Walter, “your brother has grown to be no different than your father, and we all know that he won’t spare a penny for you. And that’s where I’ll help you to get the treatment you need, as well as what you truly want. Revenge.” The Wolf leaned back in the chair and smiled, showing his pointed, white teeth.

“And how exactly will you do that?” Asked Walter, and The Wolf’s smile broadened, “I already have everything planned out, but you’ll need to enlist Peter’s help when he gets back. I don’t think that will be too difficult to do, though.” Said The Wolf, as if he knew something that Walter did not.

Walter looked at him quizzically. “And why are you going to help us? What’s in it for you?” The Wolf just shook his head, “What’s in it for me? Just the satisfaction in knowing that I’ve done something to help you, of course. You see, we’re connected, Walter. By fate, the gods, some cosmic entity, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I’m meant to help you right now, and we need to get down to business, no more idle chitchat.” Walter nodded his head in agreement. Either what The Wolf saying was making sense or Walter’s current condition was making him susceptible to whatever was being said, he was not entirely sure, but The Wolf spoke so convincingly. “All right then, let’s get to it,” began The Wolf, “I’m going to outline the plan to you, and then you’re going to repeat what I’ve told you to Peter. But remember; do not speak a word about me to him when he gets back. We don’t want him thinking you’ve gone off the deep end.”

Walter nodded his head to show that he understood, and The Wolf began to outline the plan that he had in mind, explaining each step in explicit detail.[/spoiler:34vyvvcn]
Chapter 7:
Storm clouds had gathered outside and it began to drizzle lightly, as if something very sinister was about to happen. Peter pulled the hood of his coat over his head and walked faster toward his apartment. The light rain was not helping his mood one bit.

Once he reached the apartment, he stepped inside as quickly as possible, slamming the door hard behind him.

“That bastard,” shouted Peter, “he’s no better than father was, thinking that he’s some high and mighty authority, that self-righteous skunk!” He slammed his fists on the counter in anger, causing a tingling sensation in his wrists, and began to cough harshly. “I hate him, I absolutely hate him!” tears were now running town Peters cheeks as he released the rage that had built up in him since his meeting with Edwin. “If only there was a way to take the money from him,” he thought to himself.

“Peter, I know what we have to do.” He turned around to see Walter walking out of the bedroom. “What are you saying? You need to be resting, come on, I’ll help you back to your bed,” Peter reached toward him with his shaking hands while clearing his throat, which had begun to hurt.

“No,” Walter backed away from Peter’s hands, “I know what we have to do. I know how to get the money from him. A man who won’t even help his own brothers when they’re in need doesn’t deserve that money. It should be just as much ours as it his.”

Peter, consumed in anger once again, just as he had been right after he’d been disowned, was in a position to agree with whatever Walter was about to say. “All right, I’m in. Whatever you have planned, I don’t care what it is, I’m in. Edwin needs to be knocked off his throne.”

“Good, then let’s get down to business,” Walter said, sitting down in a chair at the kitchen table. He was not acting much different than the way The Wolf himself had acted when he spoke with Walter. Peter sat down across from him, eager to hear what he had to say.

And so they worked out their plan, while a sinister beast-like creature, standing on two legs, watched from the darkest corner of the room. All the while he was smiling, showing pointed, white teeth, and when the plan was finished, Peter glanced over and locked eyes with the beast, noticing it for the very first time.[/spoiler:34vyvvcn]
Chapter 8:
That same evening, several hours later, after his guest as well as his servants and maids had retired for the evening; Edwin sat in his living room reading Crime and Punishment. He felt as though he was not extracting all the he should from the book, as if there was more for him to draw from its pages than he was. He never was very interested in books such as the one he was reading, but his other “higher class” associates raved about it and because of this, he felt that it was something that he needed to read.

He was nearing the end of a chapter when the lights flickered off. Assuming that it was caused by the brewing storm outside, he closed his book and set it on the table next to him before standing up.

“Ellie,” he called out as he made his way out of the living room, slamming his knee into the side of a table along the way, “Ellie, grab the flashlights from the kitchen, will you? I can hardly see anything.”

There was a bumping sound from the kitchen and then a short yelp as something smashed into the floor, breaking to pieces. Edwin shook his head, knowing that Ellie had inadvertently knocked a bowl onto floor trying to get to the flashlights. He continued on his way to the kitchen, keeping his hand on the wall the entire way as the wind howled outside.

Entering the kitchen, he almost slipped because the floor was completely wet. He stood still for a moment, assuming that there must be a leak somewhere in the room, and allowed his eyes to adjust to the darkness. As his pupils dilated, he was gradually able to make out more and more of the kitchen, and as he glanced across it, he noticed Ellie sitting in a chair, but it didn’t look natural. There was something tied over her mouth and it looked as though her arms and legs were bound to the chair.

“What the f-” Edwin wasn’t able to finish his sentence before a strong hand grasped the back of neck, thrusting him down into the chair across from where Ellie was bound. Edwin managed to glance behind him and meet eyes with Walter as well a vicious looking beast standing next to him, and strangely enough, it was smoking a cigarette. They seemed to be two different entities, but at the same time they seemed to be one with one another.

“Hello, Edwin,” growled the beast next to Walter, “this is your wake-up call.”[/spoiler:34vyvvcn]
Chapter 9:
“What is this, are you trying to screw with me?” asked Edwin while trying to keep his voice from shaking. “Shut up,” Walter curtly responded, “it’s my turn to talk, my turn to speak what’s on my mind. You’ve had enough time to talk and spout your worthless garbage since you became an only child.”

Edwin was astonished with this intense series of events, but he had no idea what was in store for him. Grasping for things to say, Edwin began rambling. “Walter, you look terrible, I can’t believe how sick you are. You should really see somebody, a doctor, maybe.”

“Oh, you think so?” Walter scoffed at him before coughing roughly into his arm, leaving specks of blood on it. “The irony is thick in here.” The beast growled in what Edwin thought might have been a laugh, and his eyes grew wide, “come on Walter, everything will be okay, I’ll tell you what, I’ll take you to see a doctor right now and I’ll even pick up the bill.”

“Nice try, but it’s a little too late for that,” said someone else, stepping out from behind Edwin’s right. It was Peter. “Peter, oh Peter, what’s going on? I don’t understand any of this,” stammered Edwin, in hopes that Peter would be in a better state mentally than Walter appeared to be.

“I’m not too interested in what’s going on,” Peter said as he stepped closer to Edwin, “I’d rather tell you what’s going to happen, starting with this,” he set a lengthy piece of paper down in front of Edwin. From what he could tell, the paper looked like their father’s will, but it had been altered to include Peter and Walter’s names rather than his own.

“Walter and I have decided that he and I have suffered enough injustice these past years, and we feel that it’s time that we get what’s rightfully ours. Now if you don’t mind, we need you to sign at the bottom of the paper. Here’s a pen.” Peter set the pen next to the will. Edwin did not pick it up. “You’re insane if you think I’m going to sign this paper, that money does not belong to you and there is no way in hell I’m turning it over to you.”

“We thought you’d say that,” Peter began, and he turned his gaze away from Edwin, “Walter, are you thinking what I am?” Walter nodded and they both walked to the other end of the table, leaving Edwin in the beast’s care.

On his way to the other end of the table, Walter grabbed a pitcher of water left over from the day’s earlier festivities as well as a washcloth that was hanging from the cabinet. He tossed Peter the washcloth and in one fluid motion, he caught is as well as grabbed Ellie’s chair, tilting her backwards. Without a single exchange of words, Peter removed the cloth binding Ellie’s mouth and placed the washcloth over her face. Walter then proceeded to begin pouring the pitcher of water onto the cloth covering her face, slowly drowning her.

“Stop it, stop it!” shouted Edwin, “Don’t hurt her; she has nothing to do with this! This entire ordeal is insane!”

Walter quit pouring water and Peter tipped Ellie forward and removed the washcloth from her face. She came up coughing, spitting water out of her lungs. The beast, standing next to Edwin, seemed to be enjoying the entire ordeal immensely. Thunder crashed outside and a bolt of lightning lit the entire room up for a brief moment.

Peter pointed to the pen and paper, “E-D-W-I-N, that’s how you spell your first name, in case you’ve forgotten. Chop chop, Eddie, get to it, that paper isn’t going to sign itself.”

Edwin looked at the pen, then to the beast, then to his two brothers. He was debating with himself, struggling to decide what to do. He sighed, “you two can’t expect me to sign this, I mean, my name isn’t even included in the will anymore, you’ll be taking all my money as well,” he looked up hopefully toward his brothers, “we can work something else out, I know we can, come on guys.”

Walter looked over and met eyes with Peter, who just pursed his lips and shrugged his shoulders. Without a single word, Walter picked up the pitcher of water and Peter began to tilt Ellie backwards again.

“No, no, no!” shouted Edwin. Peter tipped Ellie upright and again, Walter put the pitcher down and they both looked at Edwin. “Okay, Okay, I’ll sign the will, just stop the waterboarding,” he said as he picked up the pen and signed his name at the bottom of the paper.[/spoiler:34vyvvcn]
Chapter 10:
“There, I signed it, are you happy now?” Edwin spat once he had signed the will and given it to Peter, who then handed it to Walter.

“That’ll do, Edwin, thank you,” said Walter, “come on, Pete, let’s go. We’ve got a doctor’s appointment to make and a fortune to inherit.” Walter rolled up the paper and stuck it inside his coat to keep it safe, and the three of them, Walter, Peter and the beast, began to walk out the back door of the kitchen into the pouring rain.

“You won’t get away with this,” Edwin yelled after them, “that will isn’t worth anything without father’s signature on it, mine doesn’t mean anything. And you’re crazy if you think I won’t report everything that happened tonight to the authorities, to think that anyone could do something like this to their own brother!”

Peter turned and looked at Edwin before leaving the room, “you said it yourself; Walter and I ceased being your brothers the day we were disowned. Now you’re just being a hypocrite.” And with that he walked out of the room and into the rain. Walter and the beast stopped just outside the door and turned around to look at him as well. Walter just shook his head as he made eye contact with Edwin. “You always were bad about finding deeper meanings in the things that happened to you,” said Walter, “this isn’t father’s will, it’s yours.”

And with that, Walter turned away from his older brother, whose jaw had fallen open and eyes had grown wide, and walked away. The beast, which Edwin could now make out as being wolf-like in nature, yet oddly humanoid, growled at him. “Sorry, Edwin, this was nothing personal, at least not on my part. It was strictly business.”

Still smiling, The Wolf took one last puff of his cigarette then tossed it into the kitchen. It circled in the air on its way down, the lit end making an orange trail before finally landing in the substance on the floor, which was not water, as Edwin had previously thought, but gasoline.

The kitchen exploded in flames as the liquid ignited, engulfing everything inside the room. A wave of continuous heat emanated from the room as it crackled and sizzled in the rain and slowly spread across the rest of the house, eating away at the magnificent home.

Many, many hours later, after the majority of the beautiful red brick house had been eaten away by the hunger of the flames, only the sturdiest portions of the building stood among the ashes and rubble atop the once green and luscious hill. Then, suddenly, a brief and enormous gust of wind blew across the smoldering ruins, as if blown from the lungs of some giant, knocking the rest of the house down among the ruins.[/spoiler:34vyvvcn]
Chapter 11
Walter and Peter rushed into the apartment, slamming the door shut behind them. Peter immediately made for the furnace, putting wood in and starting a fire inside of it, and then began the process of stripping off his sopping clothes.

“Hurry up, Walter,” Peter said, glancing over his shoulder at his brother, who was still in his dripping clothes, “we need to get rid of these clothes and try to erase any evidence that we were ever at Edwin’s.”
He began to throw his own clothes into the furnace, but Walter wasn’t paying attention, he was listening to a figure standing next to him, a strangely beast-like figure.

“Come on Walter; look at how vulnerable he is. His back is even turned to you,” The Wolf said, “if you do what I say the entire fortune could be yours, you won’t have to share it with your brother any longer.”
“No, I can’t do that, I can’t just betray my own brother like that,” said Walter. “What did you say? Were you talking to me?” asked Peter as he stoked the fire with more wood to be sure that all evidence of his clothes was erased. He could no longer see or hear The Wolf. It almost seemed as though The Wolf fed off of greed and hatred, and only came in physical form to those who were engrained deeply in their own rage and greed, or those he allowed to see him.

“What do you mean ‘you can’t betray your own brother like that’? Do you mean that like the way you couldn’t betray the brother you just helped murder?” asked the wolf, “seems rather hypocritical of someone who just called the brother they killed a hypocrite.”

“Stop playing head games with me,” cried Walter, “I won’t do what you say anymore!” Peter turned around to look at Walter questioningly, assuming that the events of the day were too much for him and he’d finally lost it. “Walter, what’s gotten into you?” Peter asked, but before Walter had time to answer him, The Wolf bared it’s sharp, white teeth and pounced on Peter.

Large gashes were opened up on Peter’s exposed body as The Wolf tore into him. He had no idea what was going on, and tried to fight back, but was becoming weak from losing so much blood. The fight did not last long and soon Peter lay on the floor, limp and lifeless.[/spoiler:34vyvvcn]
Chapter 12:
What happened next in the story is tedious and painstaking to recite. In short, Walter was apprehended by the authorities and taken into custody. He was charged with first degree murder and held responsible for the deaths of both Edwin and Peter. Ellie had managed to survive the fire, but not without extensive injury to her skin. She testified against Walter in court, who plead insanity and was committed to a mental health institution where he was to spend the rest of his days.

In the end, Ellie received the fortune, and used it to establish an institution that helped treat burn victims.

[center:34vyvvcn]. . .[/center:34vyvvcn]

The old man sat back in his chair, appearing to have reached the end of his story. He looked around the room once more at all the young faces looking intently at him, eager to hear more.

“I think I know what you’re thinking,” said the old man, “not much of a fairy tale, huh? No hero, no happy ending, just tragedy,” he shifted in his seat, “but that’s not how I like to look at it, not at all. You see, the story does continue, as Walter lives on in the mental health institution. As time went by, he took responsibility for the awful things he did and he felt immense remorse.

He wished with all his might that he could apologize to his brothers and undo everything that had happened, but he knew that was impossible,” the old man continued, “and over time, he quit seeing visions of the figure he called ‘The Wolf’. Whether The Wolf was caused by Walter’s condition or whether he was a very real figure, nobody knows.

Draw what you wish from this story, kids, but moral is not that of religious intent. Walter spent a lot of time thinking about what transpired that evening and what led up to the events that occurred. He thought maybe it was because he and Peter had fallen away from religion and The Wolf was some sort of demon, but ruled that out over time. After all, the religion was what caused their disownment in the first place.”

The children in the room listened intently; even the orderlies were immersed in what the old man had to say because he spoke with such authority on the matter.

Looking around the room, the old man spoke once again, “but I can tell you that once he had hit rock bottom, once he was what he could do at his worst, Walter did in fact grow. Maybe not to the heights at which he could have had he not committed the acts he did that evening, but he grew nonetheless. Once taking responsibility for what he had done, Walter became a new person and began giving lectures to groups of people, who continued to grow and grow in numbers over time. He told them his story and warned young children against the power of greed and anger, advising them to not let it get the best of them as it had him. And if there is one thing I want you to take away from this meeting today, it’s just that.”

The old man leaned back in his chair, finally having finished what he had to say. The class erupted into applause. Even the teacher and the orderlies were clapping for him.

Slowly, the clapping died down, until only one set of hands remained clapping. “Bravo, bravo sir, very well put!” said a voice from the corner of the room. The old man turned his gaze in the direction of voice, a voice which nobody else seemed to hear, and there, in the darkest corner of the classroom, sat The Wolf.

The old man’s eyes widened, “what are you doing here?” he stammered. The class turned to look at their classmate sitting closest to that corner of the room, “Why have you come here today? I thought I was rid of you!”

“Don’t get excited, you old fart. I’m through with you,” growled The Wolf, “I was just in the neighborhood and decided I’d stop by and see what you had to say. The fact of the matter is that I’m here on business, in fact, I’m here to meet another individual. An individual who has yet to meet me,” he grinned at the old man and began peering around the room, taking in all the young faces that were looking at him, but at the same time were not looking at him.

“Don’t you dare harm any of these kids!” yelled the old man, jumping up from his seat, “You are one sick, twisted son of a –,” he was cut off as the orderlies rushed forward and grabbed ahold of the old man, tying his sleeves in a knot behind his back and pushing him toward the door. The class had erupted into chaos and the old man was still yelling as he was being pushed out the door.

All the while, in the darkest corner of the classroom, The Wolf sat and watched the pandemonium in the classroom. As we was doing so, his eyes fell upon a young girl in the classroom. A young girl who was known to be greedy and whose anger was just starting to bud. It was about time for The Wolf to begin his next “business venture”, and he was more than eager.

The young girl turned toward the back of the room and her eyes widened as she made out the sinister figure sitting in the corner of the room. The Wolf just smiled, showing his pointed, white teeth.[/spoiler:34vyvvcn]