One day, I was browsing the internet for a new coffee mug because I love coffee and want something new to drink it from.

Eventually, I found some kind of shopping site with a URL known as [REDACTED] and found a nice-looking coffee mug for only two dollars. So, of course, I bought it.

After three days, I got the coffee mug in the mail.

I made some coffee, poured it in my new coffee mug and took a drink of it.

It gave me a bad cough, making me realize that the coffee mug was haunted. So I put the coffee mug in a coffin with some cough drops for the trip and I sent the coffin containing the coffee mug and the cough drops down a fictional place known as Kaufman River where the coffee mug, the coffin and the cough drops could live their happy lives in the forest at the end of the river.

Author's Note: I don't even know what I was thinking when I wrote this. But it felt good to actually just sit down and write something without giving a damn about what it is for the first time in a while.