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    Opposite of who I am

    These were exercises for University. I thought it'd be interesting to post them.

    Seventh Exercise
    Write down a false statement about yourself. Keep going, elaborating on the false statement, allowing the “I” character to develop.

    I was different to everyone. My taste in music, literature and even the style of clothes I wore. I hated to be “another brick in the wall.” Another shade of grey in the dull and bleakness of our current society filled with trends and how we are “meant” to dress. My love for the classical, this covers literature, music and clothing, often raised eyebrows.
    “Why are you reading that?” I often got asked when catching the train or bus. I guess Nabokov’s Lolita wasn’t a well known book, or one people considered to be “appropriate” reading.
    “Why do you wear suspenders?” Simple. They keep my pants up. How idiotic and ignorant can these people be? Why question everything I do?
    “What kind of music is that? Why do you even listen to it? That’s just boring.” More heckles. It’s a known fact that Gerry and the Peacemakers don’t get played as often as they deserve. You’ll Never Walk Alone has a special place in my heart. Why can’t these close-minded fools see this? Why do I have to be the same as everyone? Why is it questioned when I show the smallest form of individuality? I don’t get what is wrong with this society. All this “swag” and such, all forms of expressionism of how similar you are to the person next to you. I watch these people walk down the streets in the city, each one a carbon copy of the person to his left. It doesn’t make sense to me. But then again, I should empathise, because how I dress doesn’t make sense to them.

    Eighth Exercise
    Imagine a character who is your complete opposite. Choose an action and write a scene which your opposite character is performing that action.

    I walked to work. I didn’t believe in driving, because it damaged the natural world. Well, I can’t really call it work, I mean, I don’t get paid or anything. It’s volunteer work to save the trees. It’s my passion, and my life’s ambition. I don’t work. I get my money from the Government. Every Wednesday I go down to centrelink and pick up my unemployment cheque. Why should I work for the chauvinistic, misogynistic society which I live in? The society which alienates those who move here from the war torn countries to start a new life. I like them, because they are like me. They don’t work for the man. I hate this goddamn country. Australia is terrible, built on lies and racial prejudice. My clothes were always dirty and I looked like a mess. I didn’t care. People often drove past me whilst I walked to work and abused me. I didn’t listen much.
    “Greenpeace fag!” Some would yell.
    “Love it or leave it douchebag!” Others would yell, especially when I wore my anti Australian attire. My favourite was Freedom of Speech then the equal sign, but crossed out, then the Australian flag. It’s symbolic of how we have a false sense of freedom of speech. I mean, Muslims and such who flee their countries to live here are often scrutinised for living life their way. Who cares if they are in Australia, we should adhere to their ways, for they have more culture than us. They shouldn’t have to adopt our culture, just because they live here. It’s those damn chauvinistic, media producers who spew bias everywhere to make the common man think like this. It makes me sick. I wish Bob Brown hadn’t retired.

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    Re: Opposite of who I am

    I love the complete opposite practice, It's so funny to read because I'm aware of your redneck ways ;P
    Very well written in my opinion.
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    Re: Opposite of who I am

    Not so much redneck I'd say patriotic. But thank you!

    (P.S. I don't hate Islamic people, I just dislike those who come here and don't work)


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