Here's some stream of consciousness stuff, I don't even know, it sounds pretty religious but that's really not what I was going for, but it's all good,


This absolute power that I have attained
As neither death nor god nor spirit manifest
Bringing weakest knees to their breaking point
God works in mysterious ways but he's been gone awhile

Seeing the world for it's true colors and shades
A naked humanity stares back at me with a dull expression
Judgement is swift and reflex yet all too premeditated
God worked in honest ways for truth is not ours to see

Abandoned buildings standing before the martyr
A crumbling society built higher than the sky
Begs before its savior for an empty salvation
Defying honesty and truth for hopes and dreams

I'm done here I can't bare to hold this fact
You look so ugly in the light I hate to see your face
Don't believe a word I have to tell you
The truth hurts more than reality