Currently ongoing. Will add more parts as I write them.

The girl looked at me with round, questioning eyes. Her glossy, green hair fell neatly over her face as she adjusted her outfit slightly, then she stood still, as if she were waiting for orders.

'Hello, master.'

My name is Hideki Nagano. I'm an average student – average grades, average friends, average life. That is, of course, up until three days ago.

I woke up to an empty house, like any other morning. My only company, the birds outside that would occasionally come to greet me. It was the weekend, so I didn't particularly have anything to do. I slipped on my clothes and headed for the front door, as much as I'd liked to have stayed in, I was running dangerously low on groceries.

It was then when I heard a knock. The door swung open to reveal a delivery man struggling with an extremely large, oblong box. I didn't have time to protest, for he abruptly pushed his clipboard in front of my face. He seemed visibly exhausted from mauling the object to the door.

'Package for a Hideki Nagano. Sign here.'

I quickly signed the paper, as I gave it a cursory glance, something stuck out – the name of the sender. It was from my uncle.

Perhaps I should explain further. My uncle is a leading scientist in the research organisation 'Orbit.' The organisation takes on many roles, but at the moment it is known for leading new discoveries in neurobiology and synthetic technology.

I thanked the delivery man, who gave a slight nod as he left. After dragging the box to the middle of the room, I sat down and stared at it curiously. What exactly was it? If I didn't know any better I'd say it looked like a coffin. Indeed, it seemed about average human height. More importantly, I wanted to know why he sent it.

Either way, I couldn't just leave it there. After some effort, I managed to heave the lid off, then I froze in shock. It was a girl. A beautiful girl with fair, pale skin. In her hand, she held a crumpled note; I delicately took it from her, and read it.

Dear Nephew, here is a present from your uncle.
To activate it, give her a drop of your blood. I made sure that she would only respond to your DNA.
All the best wishes. Until next time.

As helpful as the note was, it still didn't explain what she was. Was she an alien, some kind of extraterrestrial species? Or perhaps an android? I decided on the latter. I remember uncle saying something about working with robots... but I never would have guessed this is what he meant.

I hesitantly bit my finger, and flinched slightly as a trail of blood started to run from the wound. I placed my hand over the girl, and let a drop of blood fall to her cheek.

Suddenly, the girl's eyes shot open, revealing them to be a piercing emerald colour which matched perfectly with her hair. She lurched forwards, then got to her feet, and:

'Hello, master.'

In other words, that brings us up to speed.

I was entirely speechless. Any doubts I once had about her had disappeared. This wasn't some joke, it was the real thing. A real android was standing before me, and she even called me 'master.' I blushed slightly without realising it, then I moved closer, and examined her hastily.

'H-Hello. My name is—'

'Hideki Nagano,' she cut in abruptly, seemingly unaware of the rules of conversation, 'your uncle told me all about you.'

I wondered what kind of things my uncle had exactly been telling her. As she spoke, I watched her face with care. Her expression was difficult to read. She didn't seem cold like I imagined, the inflection in her voice told me otherwise. She spoke softly, and with great delicacy. Her lips wavered slightly, as if she was unsure whether she was supposed to smile or not.

'Yes, that's right. What might your name be?'

'It would take too long to tell you my official designation, but your uncle took to calling me Saki.'

Any normal student would have most likely panicked and sent her back by now, but then, they didn't know my uncle. Chances are, she'd turn up on the doorstep the next day anyway. He must of had his reasons for sending her, and it might be nice to have some company around the house for once.

'Pleased to meet you, Saki.'

Not wishing to prolong the formalities any longer, she reached for a dustpan and brush, and scanned the room. I watched her gaze apprehensively. The house was not neat by anyone's standards. Cobwebs collected at the corner of the room, and several large piles of books and manga lay scattered across the floor. The kitchen was full of dirty cutlery and empty packaging from instant noodles, and the laundry basket was completely full to the top.

'You certainly take after your uncle...'

She smiled wryly, though her voice had a playful nature to it. My uncle was rather notorious around his colleagues for not cleaning up his own mess. I think it runs in the family, my parents are the same. Unfortunately, it got passed down to me as well.

The girl continued to clean, seemingly unfazed by the mess. She worked at an unbelievably quick pace. I averted my eyes for a moment, and when I looked back, all of the books had been neatly arranged onto the bookshelf. She had even taken care to put them in alphabetical order. After several minutes, she had completely finished cleaning the house. She looked up at me, and smiled, as if searching for my approval.

'Is this satisfactory?'

'Well, it feels as though I've accidentally walked into a different house.'

Her eyes lit up as she gave a proud expression.

'Thank you.... It's kind of you to say that. Your uncle always used to say such nice things too.'

I sat down, and continued to look around the room, still impressed by her work.

'Should I start to clean upstairs now?'

'No, that's fine. We can do that tomorrow. You've already done enough work.'

'Then, how about I cook your dinner?'

I must admit, the thought of having this beautiful girl cook for me was appealing. I didn't want to work her too hard, but if she insists, who am I to stop her?

'I'd like that. But wait, I don't have any groceries in. I usually only buy ready meals. We'll have to go to the shop first.'

Saki moved towards the door, and stood by it eagerly.

'Let's go then, master.'