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    NANNY`s English persuasive writing!

    This was a persuasive essay task that we had to do for English. My English teacher is a proper baus so he wanted us to come up with a "overly super dramatic cheesy title" for our essay. I called it "Botched Hopes" And this is what lurked inside:

    "The internet is for some, the only means of expressing talent to others. But it is really hard to get noticed, so people simply give up. Especially when the few people who observe these talents put them down with harmful comments and jeers. YouTube is probably the best example I can give, people slapping on videos of themselves playing games and being funny, others bombard videos of their cat being lazy and some just plaster videos of themselves or other idiots doing something crackbrained to kill themselves all over the place. Sadly, but not hopelessly, there are a few dying hobbies out there that nobody seems to be interested in anymore such as music composure, film and animation. This is to me, where the real talent can be shown...

    Many with experience in the computer animation and filming world manage to obtain a fair amount of attention, but not even scraping the surface of how much a person who posts a video of somebody else who`s famous and loaded with money throwing together a music video and then they remain inactive on YouTube forever... That isn`t talent, and it`s not fair for those who really try, like spending a whole year trying to perfect every individual frame in a 250 symbol and 9,000 frame animation lasting only five minutes or spending a lot of their small amount of time, money and effort making music to express themselves and entertain those who just don`t care or are at least appreciative.

    To make a music video takes a lot of money but won`t affect someone like Rhianna, Thicke or whoever`s budget that`s squandered on scenes including, but not restricted to indecency and repulsive language. Being in the position of low attention myself I know how hard it is to get any sense of publicity.
    I`m not saying that I feel that I deserve to be globally respected and all that, but I am saying that it`s really discourageing to see that your views have gone up no more than six in the past year and then seeing a featured video posted yesterday of some drunk trying a handstand while trying to down some cheap beer getting about one million views every day. It`s easy to lose faith and you end up just quitting.

    Then there`s the comment section. Hell on Earth for "noobs" or "people with no lives". Some of the things I`ve read in the comments about beginners having no chance of getting a single subscriber and how worthless and bad their animation looks is mainly what made me rant about it. All I ask is that a little bit of decency at least is shown to those who deserve it, not just the pro`s and drunks. It`s a gift to have the patience it takes to accomplish these great things and they should be respected for what they are. A lot of sacrifice has to be made, do you honestly think that someone would really want to spend every waking minute in their room trying to perfect something alone with nothing but deafening silence rather than spending their time doing something that can let them relax for a while? We don`t waste our time, we just make use of it to produce for the minority of people who do care, and that is what makes us care and keep going.

    If you were told that you can`t do what you like doing because you`re just horrible at it, would you not eventually start to feel targeted and unwanted? I can state with confidence that you would. Frankly, I think it`s bullying and it`s disgusting. Just another form of that stomach wrenching stench of bullying we`ve all suffered at some point.

    If you are in a similar position to me and the others I`ve mentioned here then to you I say; Don`t give up, no matter what anyone tells you. It will be worth it for that sweet, satisfying feeling of extreme accomplishment. It`s taken me almost five years to get to where I am with my animating and I still have lots of room for improvement, but I enjoy the opportunities to learn new techniques and hear what other people want to say and tell me what needs improvement. However, if you are one of those who enjoy driving a splintered steak through he heart of confidence in others, then I hope you learned something. If not, here is an example of the repercussions of your acts: Maybe the artist you just hurt takes what you said to heart and ends up not with the job they wanted, but working at minimum wage telling people "It won`t work if it isn`t plugged in, sir." or "Yes, the `on` switch. The big button with the power symbol on it, mam". That may have been somewhat extreme, but it is not impossible.

    So, to conclude my arguments, I ask that you take on board everything I`ve mentioned and think next time you are about to post that comment on a fresh animator or musician`s video, and just make sure that you know what you are saying. On the other hand, If you really feel you`re at a dead end, you can always join a forum, there are people on these forums who would love to help you improve both your talents and your spirit. Two forums that I recommend are in the sources at the bottom if you`d like to take a look. Thank you for reading and I hope I have helped you or made you see sense and hope that you take heed to my advice."


    p.s. this forum and the gods in it are awesome ;P
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