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Thread: Hot Milk

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    Hot Milk

    He looked over her, grinning in a slightly devious way.

    'I want it... I want it all over my face,' she said nervously, looking up at him with round, greedy eyes.

    The man nodded, and slowly began to pour his hot milk over her face, it was sticky and warm, and slightly salty too. She licked it from her lips, then opened her mouth wide open.

    His heart almost skipped a beat, his hot, sticky milk had started to run down her throat. She coughed slightly, then in one big gulp, swallowed it whole.

    The girl looked up innocently, then winked. The man couldn't help himself, and even more started to come out.

    'Even more?' she said in surprise, 'I thought you ran out!'

    'There's still plenty left,' he said, smiling as the milk started to flow down her face again. His aim wasn't too good, and it narrowly missed her eye, then started to dribble down her chin.

    'That's it... drink it all up... good girl...'

    Eventually, the man sat down, exhausted, his milk had completely run dry. He walked over to the counter, and put the empty glass down. The girl scuttled over, smiling, but then was suddenly taken by surprise as she saw the carton.

    'Semi-skimmed?!' She started to gag slightly, and looked at him angrily. The man shrugged his shoulders, and looked around nervously.

    'I thought you liked semi-skimmed...'

    The girl huffed, then spun her heels around and walked away in the opposite direction.

    'I can't believe I let you pour your semi-skimmed milk down my throat...'

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