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    The Sticky Banana

    He presented his banana before her. It was still wrapped, waiting to be uncovered. He gripped it tightly, and looked down at her, a smug expression on his face.

    'But it's so big...' She said, clasping her hand over her mouth in shock. She had seen many bananas, and they all came in a variety of shapes in sizes. Some were bigger than others, some even curved slightly, but this one? It was monstrous.

    The man gave her a wink, and she knew what to do. Nervously, she peeled back the skin, to reveal the treasure beneath. It stood strong and firm, and at first, was even a little overpowering. She steadied her breath, then tentatively pressed her lips against it.

    'That's it,' he said, breathing heavily, 'you know what to do next, right?'

    She nodded, and mumbled slightly under her breath, then began to push the banana into her throat. It barely fit, and she found herself gagging.

    I can do this! she thought, as she pushed the banana in even deeper.

    It had a smooth texture, and the edges of her mouth had become sticky. The banana was sweet, just as she had expected, and she began to run her tongue down it, savoring the taste. She felt a mixture of emotions, surprise, pleasure, and even a feeling of uncertainty.

    She pulled back, and a single trail of saliva fell from her lips, glistening in the distant sunlight. This only turned the man on even more, and he thrust it back inside her mouth.

    She couldn't hold on any longer. She was starving. She hovered her teeth over the banana, then suddenly bit down, chewing it voraciously, then in one gulp, she swallowed it whole.

    'H-How could you just eat my banana like that?' Said the man, looking down at the remnants of his broken, disfigured banana.

    'That's what you get for making me drink your semi-skimmed milk...'

    The world is not beautiful, therefore it is.

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    That was hilarious. I love how it has two distinct meanings.


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