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    Monogatari Fanfiction - Punishment

    I nervously stood outside Senjougahara's apartment as my finger hovered tentatively over the doorbell. You would think it strange for her own boyfriend to be awkwardly standing outside like this, like a stranger. Maybe it wasn't so much a feeling of nervousness, but I certainly felt apprehensive. What mood would she be in today? I suppose to everyone else she seems the same - constantly bad tempered. But I've been with her long enough to experience a variety of moods. I just hoped that despite whatever mood she was in today, I wouldn't end up leaving seriously injured.

    I took a deep breath, and pushed the door bell. It chimed exactly three times, with a half-second interval between each. This observation seems mundane, but visiting Senjougahara had almost become like a ritual, and I found myself unknowingly observing every detail during my visits.

    She opened the door, and looked at me with that flat expression of hers. She was dressed in her school attire, which consisted of a light pink blouse and a short skirt. Perhaps she didn't have enough time to get changed, or more likely, she simply didn't care.

    'Oh, good day Araragi. What brings you here?'

    'You invited me.'

    'Are you sure?'

    Of course, Senjougahara knew full well that she had invited me. But as always, she has an odd sense of humour.

    'Are you going to leave your boyfriend standing out here in the cold, Gahara?'

    Gahara. A new nickname I came up with. It hasn't really taken hold yet. It feels as if I'm the only person who's working to make it popular.

    'Oh? I thought you liked standing out here. Before you rung that doorbell weren't you just standing here staring at my door?'

    My cheeks turned red. How could she have known? It's probably better that I don't find the answer to that question. After all, Senjougahara defies human logic.

    'My my, Araragi. Are you some kind of pervert who gets some kind of kick from waiting around girl's houses? Why don't you just die? You'd be doing everyone a favour. The fall should be enough to break your neck from here. Just jump over those railings.'

    Cruel words as always. She seems rather lively today, I wonder if something good happened to her. Despite how she may seem, she's in one of her better moods.

    'No? You're not going to do it? You'd better come inside then.'

    I entered and looked around. It hadn't changed from my last visit. It looked nothing like the room of a teenage girl. It was bare, empty. Much like her personality before we cured her of the crab.

    'I'm going to take a shower. If Araragi tries to peek, he really will die.'

    She didn't need to tell me twice. Sure, it was tempting, but not even Senjougahara's body was worth dying for.
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