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    NANIXON`s Story time :D : At The Foot Of The Bed

    At The Foot Of The Bed

    So its getting dark out, you rub your eyes and check your clock, 9:34pm it reads...
    you decide you are tired and want to go to sleep so you lazily waddle up the stairs like a hungry zombie
    in the night.

    you reach your bedroom door, slide inside and collapse onto your bed and before you know it, you're out.
    you wake suddenly to a rustle in the room... you frantically sit bolt upright and check the clock, 11:49pm, scan
    the place just to make sure you are alone.


    You wriggle down into your douvet and sigh. As you swing your head into your pillow, you almost miss it.
    But there, at the foot of your bed... is a face.
    into the darkness, it's piercing blue eyes glaring into yours, it's hideous, and skeletal jaw you can just see
    as it's stained red with blood.
    You try to ignore it. "NO... wait, That`s silly, it-it's just the dark." you chuckle to yourself nervously.
    You go back to sleep only to wake again to the same startling rustling you heard earlier... but it's louder...

    You had alot to drink before bed and decide you need to use the bathroom. Without hesitating you cautiously
    throw over one side of the covers andyour legs swing off the side of the bed, your feet padding on the soft carpet.
    You stroll confidently to the bathroom until the rustling starts again. This makes you quickly jump the last two
    steps out of the room through the door frame. You finnish your buisiness in the bathroom and realise...
    You left the light off in your room...

    Thinking "Damn! I was so stupid, how am I getting back to bed!?" You take a deep breath and exhale
    heavily, sprint back to your bed and jump... too far. you fly for what seems to be forever and land hitting your head
    on the wall at the far side of your bed. Dazed, you look around trying to correct in your mind what you had just done.
    And the rustling starts once more...

    you lay your head on your pillow again and you swear you feel something touching your legs, at the foot of your bed.
    You then decide it`s just the covers and draw your feet up the bed, closer to your body. You hear that, insipid rustling
    one last time and you angrily thrash your head to one side to face out into the darkness of the room.

    Only to see those, frozen blue eyes staring back at you, aside your head...

    A Slender Chance
    Now many would agree that there is no such thing as this,
    "slender man". But I know differently...

    I saw him once, and then another time I was able To get evidence that
    he had been there the night before. I was in my bed, looking through
    the small gap between the door and the frame that I had left so that
    a minute amount of light could shine through so if I should ever need
    to get up I could find the door with ease. I saw a shadow appear then
    quickly shift away.This happened multiple times. I don't know how I fell
    asleep, but I did...

    I woke up and found a circle with an X through the middle crudely
    smeared on my bedroom wall. I thought, or I hoped, that I was just
    dreaming. As I slinked through my house a cold shiver grated up my spine
    and an uneasy chill filled the scene, I was being watched.

    I slipped into the shower and after getting out and dressed, I noticed
    something that looked like curled up tree branches outside my
    window in the corner of my eye. I looked more carefully as the twisted
    limbs reached quickly for the bricks by the steamy window.

    All I could make out was a fluster of tentacles and his face, or lack of,
    glaring up at me as I glared back. I couldn`t breathe, I couldn`t move,
    I could only watch.

    I regained my ability to move and ran for the phone, my fingers just
    couldn`t hit the numbers right, they just wouldn`t stop shaking.
    Eventually, after many attempts to dial them,
    the police arrived and agreed to search the house. The plants under the
    window were all down at an angle in two places.
    And the same gooey, black, sticky, paint like substance was all around
    the window frame.

    The cops found no footprints, but the fence that separated my
    neighbour's garden from mine was down. I was scared but went to school
    anyway. It was a normal day, apart from the story of the "white mask
    man". Some kids were talking about a thief with a funny mask that made
    it look as though he had no face in the paper that morning.
    I didn`t say anything about the previous night to keep myself
    from looking stupid. The day dragged on as usual, maths, biology,
    break, french, english and so on... until the home time bell rang...

    On the way home, my friend and I were alone walking down the street,
    when a deep fog landed in the blink of an eye. It was a hot day with
    no rain. So where did the fog come from? We peered through the fog
    to see a silhouette... a man... an impossibly tall... skinny... man.

    He looked like he had long, curled branches jutting from his upper
    back. My friend made a joke about the masked man from school.
    But I knew better. I grabbed my friend`s arm and started to run in the
    other direction to keep that thing at a distance, but it followed.
    Closer and closer, it almost touched me before we got inside my house.
    My friend left two days ago. He said he'd had enough of this shit and
    wanted to go home. I haven't seen him since. Fuck, I don't even know
    if he made past the front gate. I can't stop thinking about what might
    have happened to him.

    So, this is my story, here I am... Broken and asking what to do...
    If I had one chance, just one, slender chance, to escape this...
    I would take it... but I see him watching. His face I will remember
    till the day I die.

    Which I`m sure is soon...
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    Update! At The Foot Of The Bed

    Great, another creepypasta cluster of shit, huh?

    I`m afraid so :l


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