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Thread: Silent Hill

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    Silent Hill

    What is Silent Hill?

    Silent Hill is a Suspense/Horror movie about a family who has a young daughter name Sharon. Sharon has a condition that makes her sleep walk and see stuff that isn't really happening. During her dreams she sometimes mentions a town called "Silent Hill". Everytime Sharon wakes up she can't remember what she did or what she was saying, her mother decides instead of taking her to a doctor she would take her to Silent Hill to see if she would remember something. On the way to Silent Hill Sharon and her mother Rose get in an accident and when Rose wakes up she notices that her daughter is gone.

    What is the basic Premise of this movies?

    The basic concept of this movie is that this small ghost town "Silent Hill" was a very religious town that, 30 years back, was a presperous town but was also very highly religious. But a little girl named Alessa Gilespie was picked on because they thought she was a witch. One day she was crying in the girl's bathroom when the janitor "attacked" her and, somehow, made everyone think more that she was a witch. A couple days later they took her to a sacred building and burned her alive, but, while she was burning the chain on one side broke and swung her back and then down where she knocked over the fire and set a fire underground. After that the coal fire had been burning for 30 years. The chains were no longer holding her up and she was saved, although serverly burned she still survived. While staying in the hospital her hate sweld inside her until she actually gained supernatural powers.

    Is it worth it?

    Yes it is worth it, it is a very deep story with an amazingly profound storyline that is hard to follow. I am trying not to spoil anything but if you get the chance watch it. I stopped the review about halfway through the movie so you van see the rest.

    I love writing reviews =D it takes lots of time that I don't need and have nothing else to do. So if you have seen this movie please post what you liked about it and don't start flaming or anything. I want this topic to stay open because it took lots of time to write.

    I didn't take the time to spell check so if you find any, suffer =D.


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    yeah, that movie is amazing. the zombies with no face scare me though ^:_) but the pryamid heads are awesome. it is indeed one of the better horror movies i have seen

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    When i saw this, when it was first released on DVD. I thought it was amazing, the CGI is great, the Creatures are great. The storyline was quite confusing in parts but some parts were easy to understand as well.

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    Did anyone mention it's based on the games of the same name?

    I'm really interested in trying those, partially because of the movie.

    But as for my feelings on the movie, meh, it was only alright. The worst part was watching it for two hours then seeing the ending...SPOILERSIt kind of didn't have any real closure

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    omg. the acting in that movie was in need of major improvement. it wasn't scary at all.
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    i saw it with some mates and we didnt really like it that much .to random and hard to understand ,but the monsters and stuff are awesome

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