I watched this movie, and i have to say its amazing yet disturbing. The movies storyline is brillant and seems to consist of 2 plotlines going on at the same time. Seen as it has her going through this magical world to gain her place back as princess for the underground relm, and it also has her in the real world where her mother is married to a evil man who is in the army.

The CGI is brillant, though most of the characters were actually people in suits. It looked amazing anyway. Personally i understand why this movie was nearly a 18, as it contains people being tortured, people have their face actually shown being smashed in and having someone put stiches in their mouth without the camera cutting.

This is alot like a dark fairytale and i still loved it. The most disturbing creature had to be the pale man, with his legs as thin as twigs and his eyes being in his hands. And him eating nearly everything that he can catch. The movie is spanish but i didn't care i loved every minute of it =D.

Have any of you seen it?

Pics - Pale man
Pan and Ofelia