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Thread: Savage Circus

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    Savage Circus

    Great Band. been listening to them for about a year, never put a topic up here though.

    Great guitar, Cool Piano (Not Like Sonata arctica's Keyboard) And Nice Vocals.

    Check them out. Their only ablum is Dreamland Manor. Don't know is they're still together or if they're making a new album.

    Great Drummer Thomen Stauch- From Blind Guardian.
    The Vocalist and a Guitarist From Persuader, and A guitarist(bassist maybe) From Iron Savior.
    Good stuff.

    This is Evil Eyes.

    =Those inflatable globes are dangerous, sent several people to hospital with one. Just another proof that RE is not only wrong, but deadly!
    Another victory for FE!

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    Baha: I'm actually proud of this post. 100% pure, awesome philosophy post quality. Carry on.
    Oh ya I'm loved...Too bad it isn't the philosophy forum anymore.

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    Wow, I was just reading their member line-up. Pretty impressive. >.> Only thing I don't like about them are the vocals at times, they're too harsh or something, going against the flow of the song. Stfu. :P


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