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    Tommy, the rock opera by the who.
    Has anyone seen it, its old but good.
    Its about a deaf dumb and blind kid, who plays pinball good. and his parents are trying to find a cure and give him drugs and all kinds of stuff. its a little trippy. but great nontheless.

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    Oh yes, gotta love Rock Operas by Pete Townsend, they're the best <_<

    I've only seen bits and pieces of the movie, however, I can say that the album that it's based upon is practically a masterpiece. Pretty much all of my favorite songs by The Who are on Tommy, so I don't object to it.

    I'd recommend watching it, if not for the movie, for the music

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    Yeah, my brother Ober has tommy. it rocks along with the who.i've never seen the movie though.

    arg, this colorsceme sucks on this layout.

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    yah Rock Opras are pretty cool. I wish i could see one live!
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