First of all, it's EXTREMELY difficult to get any of their songs. I can only listen to the three they have on myspace, and I got extremely lucky once, and heard one of their songs on pandora radio. Apparently they've been going at it for 15 years, and they're going to finish up pretty soon before they get the same treatment metallica do nowadays. :P But in all that time, I've never seen an album by them anywhere. I would <3 anyone forever if they could send me "guess again". Please... I need it! D:

Anyway. >______>

Callenish Circle are like a cross between Soilwork and Still Remains. Kinda hard to tell really. Sometimes they're melodic death metal (in flames-ey kinda), and then other times they sound a bit metalcore. Here's a link to their myspace:

They look like freaks, lol. But anyway, I recommend you listen to guess again. I think it's unreal. :P Anyone with that song, or anyone who has any opinions, please post.