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    I voted maybe. It could be, but it couldn't be.. Cryptic, eh?

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    Re: um

    Quote Originally Posted by doodyl9
    His fame is mostly from posthumous produced cds. plus who gets the money for these cds, that he's making [even though hes DEAD ]

    100% profit to the record lable. we lost again boys.
    All artists before the 50's had albums released after they died, because the only form of media in their time was the single. So it's not some crazy new idea for music to be released after the artists death. He wrote lots of songs about death before he died, so it shouldn't be a surprise.

    Anyway, I don't really care. If he is alive, he'll keep living in hiding until he really dies. Unless he comes out of hiding and starts making music again, I couldn't care less. He was a good rapper though D:

    He lost all his friends
    He didn't need his friends
    He lived with his mother and repeated himself[/center:16hbm10o]

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