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Thread: Metal?

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    Re: Metal?

    Quote Originally Posted by Darkshadows146
    Well I was just looking for bands and well I came across this band; Periphery. This band has the Slipknot sounding voice which my brother calls the power scream. Anyone heard of them?


    If your looking for something to listen to listen to "The Walk Recorded".

    If your just going to flame this then please don't bother posting, but just post what you think of them. If you don't like myspace *which is the link* then don't bitch about it if you can't find another place where that song is.
    There good, very....slipknotty in some places, kind of reminds me of a punk michael jackson in some parts.
    On the whole, we have a new band to idolise, wicked.
    Also, for all you poor sods that hate Myspace, go to Radioblog BIATCH!
    Courtesy would be nice, my sir's.
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    Phsychics, does you has them?
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    lol, I like them, pretty good tracks.
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    Good find, I liked their sound, and you were right, it was kind of like slipknot. Call me a dickwad if Im wrong, but I dont think power scream is a real defenition.


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