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    I think Silvereye listens to them. They're a progressive metal band, quite good.

    This is about the only video I could find: "All That Remains"

    Pretty cool vocals. Another song I reccommend is "the end has begun", if you can find it. It's pretty hard to find anything by them, actually. They're touring with bands like dream theater and porcupine tree in that progressive tour thingy, can't remember the name of it. Silvereye would know more about it :P

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    I don't know if I'd know more about it, but I DO listen to them, haha.

    And what Baha was referring too was the Progressive Nation Tour in April/Spring, with Dream Theater, Opeth, and Between the Buried and Me. (Sadly, no Porcupine Tree )

    One thing I should mention is the guitarist is very good. Plays with his fingers a lot, and infuses a lot of slap and flamenco techniques, which come off pretty unique and impressive.

    Also, The End Is Begun is easily my favorite song. Worth checking out.

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    I liek them, that song has a lil girly vocals. But otherwise, song = rockage!

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