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Thread: R.E.M

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    So, does anyone else like R.E.M?

    I listened to them when I was really little in my dad's car, and I loved them back then. Just recently did I start listening to their stuff again and I've gotten to like it again.

    I personally like them because of how each of their albums has a very distinct feel to it. For instance, their older albums have a very indie feel to them, Monster feels very heavy and Life's Rich Pageant is cheerful and positive. Yet through all the albums, you can still tell what band is playing. Plus, Automatic For the People is the best album of all time in my opinion <_<

    I'd post links to their music, but just search for them on Youtube and you'll get quite a bit.

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    Re: R.E.M

    Love R.E.M. And yes, I got my appreciation of them from my dad. Favorite albums have to be Eponymous and Monster.

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