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    Samurai Champloo *PROBABLY SOME SPOILERS*

    Samurai Champloo
    I like watched the first 3 episodes and im like pretty cool but WTF
    im just trying to get some feedback, anyone who has watched the series or some episodes, is it worth watching, what do you think of it, whos youre favourite character?
    Get back to me.

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    Re: Samurai Champloo *PROBABLY SOME SPOILERS*

    I watched it the first time when adultswim first aired it back in like 04-05. After that I've just seen an episode or two here and there.
    I was going to watch it again when [as] switched it to a daily slot a few months ago, but they took it off air for a while after 4 episodes.

    It's not as good as Cowboy bebop in my opinion, but it's still good stuff. You should rent the DVDs if you can find them (nexflix would be a good place to look)


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