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Thread: Your own music

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    Your own music

    Well, more-over, your own written songs, post them, nao.

    I didnt look for a different place to put this beforehand, so if there is one, move it please.

    Heres one of my songs, =P

    Bitch, Bleed, I exist,
    wait, dont leave, Im trapped,
    shit, relieve, increase, delay, to the fray,
    I'm dying, your laughing, Im lying, your crying,
    needles pull my flesh, spikes hold me, worship me, worship me,
    you just drugged me, controlling my system, making me more tolerable,
    needles pulling at my flesh, so many needles, so little flesh.

    Why is there a little little eye in my pocket, looking into my muscles, scratching at the bone
    Im going insane, Im going insane
    the skin has been torn
    Sweet bitter pain, like nothing felt before
    But it wont affect me.
    But It wont affect me.


    Wait, little picky liar, got a realise, gotta tire
    Torture maniac, laugh while you can, I'm drugged, my hide is being made into a rug, bloodied pink flesh litters the floor.
    Trigger between my eyes, laugh while you die, sing your screams, scream your screams, laugh your screams, eat your screams
    Die with your screams, SCREAM

    Insane, Inane, gonna start life again, refrain, bloodstains, Realise me.
    Realise me.
    Realise me.

    Bitch, Bleed, I exist,
    wait, dont leave, Im trapped,
    shit, relieve, increase, delay, to the fray,
    I'm dying, your laughing, Im lying, your crying,
    needles pull my flesh, spikes hold me, worship me, worship me,
    you just drugged me, controlling my system, making me more tolerable,
    needles pulling at my flesh, so many needles, so little flesh.

    Realise me.
    Realise me.



    Im working on the guitars and the drum parts for it now.
    Courtesy would be nice, my sir's.
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    You should work on phsychics.
    Phsychics, does you has them?
    Smores a bitch cause he helped my sig >:U <3

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    Re: Your own music

    Its in latin, but if you translate it it should be fine.


    Permissum sol solis dim Permissum terra decumbo obscurum Permissum lux lucis intereo Pro nullus vivo in Permissum abbas nostri natio nationis intereo Pro nos es in imperium iam Permissum nostrum remnants intereo sicco Ut nos intereo. Es nos vere is insane Ut permissum nostrum abbas intereo Ut nos owe lemma Nostrum Ago

    Nos permissum vel nex take super nos iuguolo insons insontis liberi nos permissum vel abbas intereo nos intereo illic est nusquam left nusquam nobis hic nos es morior in fovea of incendia

    Nusquam subsisto nos , tantum abbas Is subsisto nostrum insanity Iuguolo radix Quod solvo nos

    Permissum nostrum natio nationis ago quoad orbis terrarum etiamnunc quoad nos votum quod est nuper Redemptor nostrum sins , pro is est redemptio nos totus postulo servo nos ex nex quod ex nostrum preteritus
    Vel permissum nos intereo si is est quis nos mereo mereor nos precor vestri misericordia oro quoad nos ago

    Pro nostrum sins have caecus nos sic nos precor vos ut permissum nos ago vel morior , si is est quis nos mereo mereor
    Permissum nostrum abbas ago quoad nos quod nostrum natio nationis quod proles

    Glorior polus supremus pro nostrum ago res parco quod gratias ago deus pro nostrum ago
    Operor non incidere nostrum scrinium per vestri mucro redemptor nos nos precor quod gratias ago

    is it good?
    If all goes well, we will never have to worry about this bunny anymore.

    ( ='.'=)
    ('') ('')

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    Re: Your own music

    Drugs-N-Alkahol baby! Ahhh!
    Uhh.. mm that's funky.. ohh!

    Huh, I'm Mr. What-The-Fuck-You-Lookin-At
    I'm Mr. Quick-To-Run-And-Get-The-Gat
    Treat you like the hoosd like a diplomat
    Ryza used to push a 'llac, now I'm Range Rovin'
    Takin over never sober, bear witness like Jehovah
    Enemies fall like October
    Restless standin tall like a soldier
    We thick like the first Motorola brick cellular phones
    cut to the bone, celebratin "My Day"
    Love it or leave it alone (ha hah)
    Just consider me the heir to the throne
    The lifestyle of the savage and well known protectin my owns
    Rolling stone bringin it home, time for transition
    Don't talk too loud, you might find yourself missin
    Look into my eyes, all you see is will to survive
    by any means, retreatin to the Phillipines
    to meditate, liftin train like a heavyweight
    Hit you and run with a California license plate

    When y'all niggaz stop actin like bitches
    bitches stop actin like niggaz we can all clock figures
    Hoes on my dick, niggaz on my dick
    They all on my dick, FUCK THAT SHIT!
    When y'all bitches stop actin like niggaz
    niggaz stop actin like bitches we can all get riches
    Hoes on my dick, niggaz on my dick
    FUCK THAT SHIT! We can all get rich!

    Doggy Dogg is bout to blow up
    All.. these Ryan C haters need to slow up, sho' nuff
    Know what? X, the game is gettin sewn up
    but I'm speedin 'em up and leavin 'em
    I'm buckin 'em til they bleedin bruh
    Hold up, FUCK THAT, you tryin to get swoll up
    by the mic controller, clip reloader
    Frozen exposure, condos of a composer
    Sick like a bowl-of, a bowl of deez nuts
    Fuck him up, cross him out, then toss him out
    With the stamp on his head, nigga Dogghouse
    Nigga I'm universal crackin Down South (ya heard?)
    Poppin my collar with my dick in your girl's mouth, ha ha
    You act like you a dude you get smashed on
    Full out my bitches with your fucked up attitude
    Nappy-head hoes, worse than bitch niggaz
    I treat 'em all the same, bitch check yo' game!


    With the flick of a wrist, send you deep into the abyss
    I don't pop Cryst', but will pop a nigga with this
    Made my way to the top of the list, raised your fifth
    Anything to keep it movin make it harder to hit
    We survive when you thought we was finished and done
    Lookin over my cold shoulder is Attila the Hun
    The gatling gun, guillotine, Don King's American Dream
    Since sixteen, shoulda been a marine
    Makin the whole scene collapse, millenium raps
    Why fight for scraps, relax and take the whole plate witcha
    The penny pitcher with a whole lot of come and get ya
    You gettin my picture or do I have to let 'em hit ya? HUAHH!
    Feel the adrenaline rush whenever I bust
    Got eyes in back of my head
    The people the I trust is just like me
    Full of spite with very large appetites
    I'm too complex to break down in black and white


    (AH-AHHH!) Niggaz, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, ahhh
    Yes.. X to the Z, D-O-double-to-the-motherfuckin-G, OOOH-WEE!
    Ahh.. this shit funky right here my nigga
    Yeah, +Open Bar+ nigga, we gettin fucked up
    Three four in the morning, ain't no time limits
    Huh huh, you ain't tryin to hotbox with us nigga
    Roll some X, y'know!


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