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Thread: i litzen at

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    ina phone box whit a gun

    i litzen at

    i litzen at the greenday macys day parade my favo artistb.armstrong ))(*
    im maybe an idiot but im still dumb
    ( >< )
    my ani thread http://forums.darkdemon.org/viewtopic.php?t=11954

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    Yeah, this is spam, can you just not post like this? No one knows what you are saying, and you just posted something like this in the other topic where you spelled listen strange. Please, read the rules, and get some common sence?
    [quote:ac0f3bd038="SA"]You should be banned because you never act like your name. Not once have you brightened up my day on the forums <: (
    And you're not a mister : O[/quote:ac0f3bd038]


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