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    Re: Linkin Park's New Style, Good or Bad?

    I don't mind their new albums, but I prefer the older ones, like anyone does.

    Hybrid theory was amazing. Songs that I listen to all the time now, such as In the end, One Step Closer, and Papercut. Very fast beats, great for playing in the background of action games.

    Nobody's Listening was great, as were many other Meteora songs. As a matter of fact, I still use them (Aside from Easier to Run) as 'fight songs' while I play Halo.

    Minutes to midnight was decidedly slower than Meteora. Although Given up and Bleed it Out leaned a tad toward the old style. I still listen to it, but not as much as Meteora or Hybrid Theory.

    I only liked a few songs from their collaborations with JayZ. Numb Encore and Dirt off your Shoulders.
    As for Reanimation, I only really liked the Points of Authority remix.

    So, yeah, I prefer the old style, but I fail to see how the new songs have ruined them. They're still great songs, but they just seem to have different styles.
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    Re: Linkin Park's New Style, Good or Bad?

    I like their Old Style Better. And I liked Reanimation. The new one is not bad, But I don't really like it. Bleed it out and Given up where not bad though. They were more old style.
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