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    Top 10 Favorite Songs

    yeah, the title is kinda self-explanitory, name your favorite 10 songs of all time I guess. You can have a reason if you want

    1.All along the Watchtower, Jimi Hendrix-hell it's jimi hendrix, it's just my favorite of his songs, which deserves to be first.

    2.Walk this way, Aerosmith-it's a classic, straight up

    3.Whole lotta love, Led Zeppelin-even if you've never heard of the song, you'd recognize it if you heard it

    4.London Calling, The Clash-to be quite honest, I don't like the clash. But this is the most famous anti-war song in history, so yeah.

    5.Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppeling-does anyone not know about this song. It has the best solo ever

    6.Iron Man, Black Sabbath-I don't like ozzy, but tony iommi rapes at guitar

    7.Crazy Train, Ozzy Osbourne-Once again, I don't like ozzy, but Randy Rhodes rapes at guitar )

    8.Smoke on the water, Deep Purple-I'm not a fan of electric organs, but its cool

    9.Sympathy for the Devil, Rolling Stones-I dunno, I love this song, possibly cause the piano is awesome

    10.Hotel California, The Eagles-I don't really like the eagles, this is their only good song in my opinion

    yeah, so post your favorite songs

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    1.Chalice - Mulle Meeldib See
    2.Queen - WeWillRockYou
    3.Limp Bizkit - Rollin
    4.Eminem - Stan feat Dido
    5.Toe Tag - Pankrot
    6.Carl Orff - Carmina Burana
    7.The Lion King - The Lions Sleeps Tonight
    8.Spiderbait - Black Betty
    9.Rob Zombie - Dragula
    10.Evanescence - Bring Me To Life

    The 1st and the 5th are Estonian rap artists so dont try to search them on Google or anything.

    Well, I most probably will get banned for saying a lot of shit to Smashdood over MSN because the dear behated admins at darkdemon.org will not change my name which would probably take about 10 seconds or so but heh.

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    In your diary..
    None of these are in any particular order..

    War - Joe Satriani - This was the first Satch Song I ever listened to. In my mind, it hit the nail right on the head for what I was looking for in music..

    Lovely - Vavrek - A wonderful and memorable song....

    The First Step of a Long Journey - John Holowach - A calming, relaxing and reflective piece of music. One of Holowach's best pieces

    Killer Bee Bop - Joe Satriani - This wasn't initially one of my favourites, but I forced myself to listen to it one time and, hell, it kicked ass. ))(*

    Attack - Joe Satriani - This would be perfect for a short film i want to make but the good parts don't last as long as I think they should.

    Inside - John Holowach - One of his few vocal works. I don't know why I like it. The interludes seem to keep me listening to it. The vocals are okay; they're meant to fit the theme of the song (as John Holowach described it "Dirty, sinister, and nasty. This peers into the world of lust in the mind of us all."), so they weren't meant to be brilliant.

    Devil's Slide - Joe Satriani - It kinda deteriorates after a couple of minutes and I've only listened to it all the way through a few times, BUT it's a fairly good piece of music.

    Struck - John Holowach - John Holowach's description: "Gentle and moody, layered whispery vocals back this tale of sadness and longing for a distant lover."

    Goodbye, My Love - A slow, depressing piece of music..

    The Final Rewind - t r y ^ d - The opening song on their first album 'Public Domain'. Excellent composition work by rjmarshall, great mixing work by Holowach, unintelligable vocals by Vavrek.
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    1. Lemon Demon - The Ultimate Showdown
    2. t.A.T.u - All About Us
    3. Prodigy - Breathe
    4. Apulanta - Vasten Mun Kasvojani
    5. Nightwish - Over The Hill

    Umm... Those are my favourite songs, i am now so bored that i won't put here any more of them.


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