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Thread: Music trends.

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    Music trends.

    Don't you hate when someone makes a couple good songs and then everyone thinks whatever they do is gold.
    Example: lil wayne Has had a few big hits and then he makes some shit ass song where the lyrics don't make any sense at all and everyone still loves it.
    Same with soulja boy. I personally don't like either of them except for a few of lil wayne's songs. I'm just pointing it out cause it's an annoying mainstream trend.
    And also I've been wearing out every band I listen to haha. Any good suggestions in the genre of rock or alternative.

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    Re: Music trends.

    I do hate that trend, one of the guys in my class thinks anyone who's made two decent songs that go in the charts is a god. Also, for some alt. rock or just plain rock, try the Living End, they've just released a new album.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLC1YOaGwRY That's they're newest song.
    See if you like it, if you do, they have a load of albums out.

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    Re: Music trends.

    Maybe you would like them.

    Everything any newer "rap" (if you prefer to still call it that) artist(if you want to label those people as artists still as well) makes no sense, and it's just bloats into some huge fad by all the people who think they're thugs or something because they wear their pants down to their knees and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXL shirts and jackets with retarded drawings of Pink Panther and Homer Simpson with sequences on them.
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    Re: Music trends.

    Deathcore is shit I tell ya.Only one or two band are good but most of em are shit.

    Metalcore is also another thing,ATR and KSE are all good but bfmv(no offense,their music a good but a bit emo),Trivium and loads of other are posers.

    To me,poser or not,if their music is good,I'll still love em.

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    Re: Music trends.

    Stone Sour are an excellent alternative band, so are Nirvana.
    Check zem out.

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    Re: Music trends.

    Soulja Boy was never descent. Look at him, he get blames everywhere, even by Rap lover. You should check his newgrounds blog and see all the haters he has.

    As for the thread, I know what you mean. One good example was Avril Lavign. While I never liked her, my sister did. Her first CD had lots of meaningfull songs. Her latest, seriously WTF.
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    Re: Music trends.

    lil wayne is the best rapper on the planet hands down, even before he was famous.
    try listening to the strokes, its really chill music.
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    Re: Music trends.

    Quote Originally Posted by lightnin
    Don't you hate when someone makes a couple good songs and then everyone thinks whatever they do is gold.
    Lol, you don't have to look as far as the music industry to find this behaviour from people. Look at me. I used to be this great pivot animator, one of the best, apparently. When I moved on to other pursuits, like photoshop and drumming, I was given instant gratification simply because I was good at pivot.


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