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Thread: New Gear

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    New Gear

    yesterday I decided to buy myself some guitar stuff. The first thing I bought was a practice amp. The first amp I ever bought was a 15 watt peavey. I then bought a full marshall stack (around $2500) to use, but it didn't fit in my room so I only use it in my garage :O Anyhow, I thought I needed a replacement for the old peavey which I've been using for practice ever since I started playing guitar ^^

    I decided to buy a randall RG200G3. (Picture)

    it's 200 watts, so it has some decent power. I won't actually use this for live or anything (marshall will do) but I like it for practice and such. The best part is it costs $600 and I got it for $350

    I also bought a new guitar. I needed a backup for my les paul. One time I was playing live with it and broke a string. I tried to use my strat after, but it sounded like shit =)
    I decided to get a cheap alternative hence I didn't want to spend another 3 grand on a les paul. I looked at epiphone but I really didn't like them. They're alot cheaper compared to gibson for a reason, the quality is lacking, so I looked elsewhere. I decided to purchase a LTD EC-1000 with emg pickups. (Pic)

    It sounds like a les paul (yay) and looks really sexy in black. Plus, it normally costs $1,200 but I got it for $700 ^^ I know how to bargain with guitar stores

    I don't think anybody cares, but if you do, post with err..feedback

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    some nice kit you have just purchased there, enjo


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