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    who watches the WATCHMEN?

    who else is stoked for this movie omg im sooooo exited for it i loved the comic book and the movie is going to be amazing!!
    credz to animal and pistolman for my use bars!

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    Re: who watches the WATCHMEN?

    who is the WATCHMAN?

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    Re: who watches the WATCHMEN?

    In all honesty...It looks fucking amazing. The way they made the characters look is amazing by itself, but the original story put into a movie is just going to be phenomenal.

    Quote Originally Posted by wowpivot
    who is the WATCHMAN?
    It's a movie coming out in 2009 I believe, it's not the Watchman, it's Watchmen. It's one of the best graphic novels created, and now they're making it into a movie.

    Here's a link to the trailer

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    Re: who watches the WATCHMEN?

    It looks alright, especially with it's seemingly misanthropic flair. However I've never read the graphic novel, so I really can't care about the characters yet. As such I really don't get teh hype that's been building around this movie.


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