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Thread: W.

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    Re: W.

    Wow. That will suck, horribly.

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    Re: W.

    Is anyone actually going to care? I mean, Bush's term is almost over, so from a political viewpoint is has no merrit. The man is unlikable and uninteresting, so from a personal viewpoint it has no merrit. The only reason people will want to see this movie is it's whole Disney-movie aproach: "What drove the drunken kid to become the nation's president?" And quite honestly, I don't care jack shit about that. It also looks like it's going to be wildly inaccurate so anyone actually interested in George W. Bush's history isn't going to care either.

    This movie will gross a billion regardless, since you Americunts will aparently see anything (Think Meet The Spartans or Disaster Movie)


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