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Thread: Dead By April

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    Dead By April

    Never before have I heard a band with such a perfected sound so early in their career. Apparently they were in a band called cipher something before dead by april, but still, this is impressive stuff. Imagine sonic syndicate with the same clean/scream vocal balance, but the clean vocals are superior (some people disagree with me; they use the words "more emo"), in exchange for slightly inferior musicianship. Some songs:

    Losing You
    All Of My Dreams (Might also be called "Trapped")
    Finally, an "obvious" one for the obnoxious metalheads Angels Of Clarity

    If you really like the band... check out "my saviour". The vocals in it, although they start off somewhat weak, are insane. The vocalist holds notes perfectly for unnaturally long periods of time. Coincedentally, while typing this very paragraph, I read that the vocalist was kicked out of the band. The replacement can suck my balls.

    Post opinions, personally, I love this band O_O

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    Re: Dead By April

    Woah I really like this band. I'm definitely looking into more songs. Why the hell would they kick such an awesome vocalist out?

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    Re: Dead By April

    I'm so fucking glad I saw you listening to these guys. They're awesome, definite new favourite. They have a pretty unique style too.

    But yeah, new bands to listen to ftw.
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