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    Feeling Spectacular?

    Well, I've never been much of a cartoon-watcher throughout my life, but I have to say, Marvel Animated's "Spectacular Spiderman," is actually rather good. I'd check it out if you haven't already.
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    Re: Feeling Spectacular?

    so how do i comment this...

    ill just say i havnt watched it, and dont plan to either.
    i did like marvels "iron man" though. thats about the only decent film
    i have seen by them.

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    Re: Feeling Spectacular?

    What a shit post that was, Wattsy.

    As for Spectacular Spiderman, first of all, what a horrible name. But what's in a name, onto the show itself.

    The animation is alright, it's the same mediocre animation all cartoons have these days, discounting the really cheap ones.
    What I really hate is how they seem to have changed Peter Parker from a college student into a highschool student to appeal to the kids a little more.

    All in all, mediocre show with a raped plot. Enjoy watching another show not worth your time.


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