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    Bleeding Through - Declaration

    An old favourite band of mine, I had wondered where they disappeared to when I stumbled upon their new album declaration. It's fucking wicked, imagine deathcore with black metal keyboards, then throw in one of the coolest screamers going. Definately worth a download. I'll link to their best songs for first time bleeders lole

    Death Anxiety - what they're like most of the time. Brutal as fuck and still sounding different. Their only video from the new album

    Line In The Sand - the soft option. And just as epic. If you like this one, look for the album version, the vocals are 100x better.

    Opinions would be appreciated. Most people tend to criticise the singer, in particular the clean vocals >_>

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    Re: Bleeding Through - Declaration

    wow liking these guys.

    especially that 2nd song some of the vocs in the 1st bit were very M shadows'y to me.

    nice find

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    Re: Bleeding Through - Declaration

    Death Anxiety is awesome. Thanks for sending it. Your music taste never falters.


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