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    Bash me for the scum I am!

    Me and my band, Cielo Mist faced a tragic loss today. Our beloved guitarists tonsils blew up inside of him, this means no back up vocals for a while

    So our Sunday band practice was canceled and our bass player and drum player were off visiting him in the hospital.

    Me and my vocalist whipped this up about a friend of ours. I jumped on my friends crappy drum set (which im horrid at drums btw) and he sang up a storm, its horrible I know but maybe its good for a laugh??? Its kinda hardcoreish, maybe metal with mathcore/grindcore drums? Very generic but hey it's a whole two people and a shitty camera!


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    Re: Bash me for the scum I am!

    Yeah I like bondage too

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    Re: Bash me for the scum I am!

    Die in a hole

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    Re: Bash me for the scum I am!

    Sorry KRZ, I'll save you the insults because people don't seem to like it.
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