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    Trivium vs BFMV or Dragonforce?

    Mainly for mpowermetal/Speed metal lovers, but any comers are welcome?

    What is better, The guitar duel, or Dragonforces' Revolution Deathsquad?

    Links to both are here - Drgnfrce. And here - TRVM VS BFMV

    I prefer the guitar duel for its bass, but Dragonforce pwns in lyrics for once here, seeing as the duel has none Dragonforce would be better if they got the drummer from Slipknot and the vocalist from Escape The Fate.

    But the guitar duel pwns overall.

    If better off in debate, move there please.

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    Re: Trivium vs BFMV or Dragonforce?

    Stop posting these fucking VS-topics..
    This will get locked, trust me.



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