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Thread: Patience [CM]

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    Re: Patience [CM]

    Hmm. Feeling down?

    What a coincidence, so am I.

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    Re: Patience [CM]

    This could be of good use with a rainy day scene or depressing scene in a flash animation. I find it cool. Although it could be more powerful at some points, to emphysise some key moments, but it was overall good.

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    Re: Patience [CM]

    Very boring lol. The sidestick has too much presence, or rather, the fact that it's the same sample repeated is too obvious, because it's too loud. The percussion is odd too, you put the sidestick on the 4 of every beat? It's different, which is a good thing, but it makes the song hard to follow. Seems out of time a lot, doesn't really add to the song. And of course it's too short at one minute. The piano is nice, but loses its power when the synth strings are played with it.

    Main point to take from this: don't use fl defaults, it's very noticeable!

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    Re: Patience [CM]

    Yeah listen to what darren said. If you're going to use the presets from FL studio, mix them up a bit, stick them in the mixer and add an EQ or something, fiddle with the levels. Same with the Sytrus was that? The synth at the end. I dislike the presets for them a lot, try and edit them a tad, it makes a big difference. And yeah, it was really boring. The beat was hard to follow as Darren said because of the sidestick. The pianos were nice, but next time add a reverb onto them to make it sound more realistic, they sound really fake without it.


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