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    808's & Heartbreaks

    what do you guys think of kanye west new album?

    its waaaayy diffrent from his first album,becasue now he's more of a singer...i personaly like this new album,but i dont think it was to well recieved becasue its just so difrent form his other three...

    music is entertainment,but if a mods feels this needs a move,then move it...so basically discuss this album

    my favorite song from the album so far is street lights..
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    Re: 808's & Heartbreaks

    I like his new album compared too his others because it has a different style and I don't know why but I love the new style. My favorite from this album is heartless.

    finally sum1 else likes rap besides me!
    Sorry for bein gay on this site b4 Im sry


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