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Thread: Gran Torino

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    Gran Torino

    I saw it last night, and it has to be one of my new favorite movies. Clint Eastwood really outdid himself with this movie, especially with the ties you felt with each of the characters. His racism and slurs also made me lol. But really, if you want to go see a good movie right now, go see this. It may be long, but I didn't think so, it was so entertaining.

    Here's the wikipedia entry:


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    Re: Gran Torino

    One of the best films of 2008, and I just got back from seeing it. The twist ending was unexpected. Clint Eastwood was great in it. It's kind of sad how it's Clint's last acting movie, but at least he went out with a bang. I recommend it.

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    Re: Gran Torino

    When I first saw the trailer I was kind of put off by the thought of this old ass Clint Eastwood fighting asian gangs, it just didn't appeal to me. But the reviews are awesome and I really want to see it after reading more about it.

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    Re: Gran Torino

    What a nice bump.

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