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    Another generic music thread

    This time its about metal. Like it always is. And i'll explain why I like the songs.
    Keep in mind that it is my opinion, therefore unless you can give me a reason that they are shit, I will highly doubt whatever the fuck you say.

    When all is said and done - Threat signal Click song

    The intro kicks motherfucking ass, and its not always heavy.
    They swap between a Linkin Park style and a Trivium style. Pretty good

    Like light to the Flies - Trivium Click song

    THe kings of metal, IN MY OPINION.
    Good solo's, heavy riffs, and some good screaming.
    However, theyre not the best.

    Morphogenesis - Scar symmetry Click song

    Now this is less generic shit. HEavy, but it changes, The intro sweep is pretty cool. THey have an electric Metal sound, pretty awesome. The singing is more emotional.

    Stillborn - Black label society Click song

    Now this is the meaning of sex.
    THe singing is so emotional, almost as good as ozzy ozbourne himself. But not as good.
    THe guitar may be plain, and the solo weak, but this song has meaning and emotion.

    All of this is in my opinion. You may have your opinion.

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    Re: Another generic music thread

    lol you showed me all tha songs in msn...

    this are pretty good my fave in fact is Stillborn pretty nice song maybe riff is weak and solo not as great but it has emotion and is in fact one of my faves
    Like a rolling stone

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    Re: Another generic music thread

    Threat Signal = Epic
    Trivium = Epic
    Scar Symmetry = Epic
    Black Label Society = Epic

    Nice thread

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    Re: Another generic music thread

    Trivium are great but their albums can be a bit repetitive.

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    Re: Another generic music thread

    all good songs and bands
    a nice taste in music


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