I don't think I've seen a thread for them before, so here we go...

I was first introduced to Vanna by DiabloSpaniard, a friend of mine. At first, I was like, it's meh. But I kept listening to it, just to see if I could find better songs by them. I kept searching, and after a while, the band's sound really grew on me a lot, and now I love their music. Well, most of their 2006 EP was terrible, but their two full-length albums are epic in every way. Here's some songs I like by them:

The Alarm - quality on this one isn't so great, but it's still good.

We Ate The Horse You Rode In On - This one is my absolute favorite from Vanna.

I Am The Wind... - The singing in this one is awesome, but the screaming sounds weird. >.>