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    Life is Beautful

    La Vita č Bella AKA Life is Beautiful has to be one of my favorite films ever.


    It's about a Jewish man named Guido is is loving, slick, imaginable, and all around just an awesome guy. He gets a wife and a kid, and everything is beautiful, until one day out of the blue the Holocaust happens and he is sent to a Nazi death camp. There, he has to use all of his qualities to protect his son.

    I watched this in English class since we're studying the Holocaust more in depth than other years, and I have to say that it is an incredible film. The first half is a romantic comedy (kindof) and the second half is flipped over into a more serious concentration camp setting.

    Has anyone seen it? If not, it's totally worth it. Post your thoughts on this powerful film!

    Also, make sure you see it in English... originally it was a different language. I got the dubbed version though.

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    That movie was so beautifull.

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    I saw that years back. That movie was sooo sad.
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