This is my fuckin shitty music.
I use mixcraft for all the overlaying business.

Everything is acoustic so far until my bridge gets fixed on the strat.

I'd say everything is worth listening to except maybe the ventures cover.

Overlayed guitars

There are alot of mistakes in this one, Overlayed guitars + piano part

Pipeline - Ventures cover
5 overlayed guitars + effects
There's a gay clicking sound, many mistakes, and it's not finished but I'll redo it and finish it if requested.
I doubt anyone likes this song though. *-.-*

2 guitars + effects
Basically just a jam session

First song I based around the piano.

Open Third
More my bro than me.

Twang Diddlyang
Sounds like country and then turns into a pile of Rock.

Give me suggestions and criticism and what not.
I'll be updating regularly if you even give a fuck.