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    The Legend of The Black Shawarma

    The newest album from Infected Mushroom. The album release (from what I've heard) may be this month, or in September. I have a thought that this will be not as good as their other albums, but only one song has been released at the moment and it sounds really good.

    Smashing The Opponent:

    Track Listings:

    1. Poquito Mas
    2. Saeed
    3. End Of The Road
    4. Smashing The Opponent
    5. Can't Stop
    6. Herbert the Pervert
    7. Killing Time
    8. Project 100
    9. Franks
    10. Slowly
    11. The Legend of the Black Shawarma

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    Re: The Legend of The Black Shawarma

    The single was not that great. I'm a big fan of Infected Mushroom. I doubt this album will be better than "I'm the supervisor"(Which is a godlike one), but I just hope it will be great.


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