Now When I Say New, I Dont mean They Recently Formed, Or Recently Became Famous, i just mean i found out about them not long ago (although thats not to say that they didnt form recently), so without further adu...

Celldweller - I Found These Guys Ages Ago, but not alot of people have heard of them, theyre an Industrial Rock band and have been around for a while, they did some music in the game Crackdown, songs like - The Last First Born - Stay With Me - those were my two favourite that were in the game, but Own Little World Is My favourite song by them, aswell as Stay With Me. They Also Did A Cover Of The Well Known Song 'Tradgedy' Which is actually an amazing cover, and rather amusing - Own Little World - Stay With Me (Unlikely)

Inhale Exhale - They A Screamo band, but if ur not that well into screamo, ignore the screaming and listen to the guitar riffs, i think some of them are pretty good - Redemption

Demon Hunter - I Found These Guys like A Second Later After Inhale Exhale, Theyre not screamo, atleast most of their stuff isnt, they remind me of disturbed slightly - Fading Away

Brand New Sin - I'd Say Theyre a Hard Rock band, and they slightly remind me of a band called 'Clutch'. I Think They are Amazing but thats my opinion. My Favourite Songs By Them are... My World - Black & Blue - Once In A Lifetime - They went on tour with Breaking Benjamin, and BB like them too. - My World - Black and Blue - Once In A Lifetime (more Acousticly Styled)

I Like Nearly All Music, thats why theyre all different, i know theyre all in the 'Rock' Genre-ish if u know what i mean, i mean not Pop, Dance, Country, or RnB, but i like all them Genre's too, its hard to find a song that i dont like,

So What do you think of these bands?